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How To Have A Successful and Happy Year

A week of the new year has already passed us and some of us are still trying to determine what goals we are going to choose to accomplish for the year.  I sat down these last few days and took inventory on what I need to work on and how to change in order to live a life with a healthy, wealthy mindset and not a life of turmoil, failure and regret.  Who wants a year of puke mixed with chaos and poverty?  I realize I am creating a reputation every minute of my life and every decision I make.  It affects my life and those around me, therefore my mind takes first priority this year.  If my mind is not clear and ready to make decisions, then the rest of me cannot accomplish what I want.  I know of where I am today is from the decisions I made yesterday, including what not only I ate in the natural but also in the spiritual.  The future will require of more than I have today therefore I realize I must change my lifestyle and my mindset into what God truly wants for me.  This takes planning, discipline and training.

Questions to think about?  Have you written down any goals for yourself?  In your job, your hobbies or your volunteering, do you accomplish with your best in excellence or do you just get it done for the sake of getting it done?  Do you embrace every opportunity or do you get upset with things life casts at you?  Do you honor people? (not just the ones you like but also the ones you dislike.)

Here are some things I have been writing down.  This has been proven to be very effective in living a successful and abundant life with Jesus being the center of our lives.

First of all we need to set goals.  We must see the picture of where we want to go in life.  If we dwell on the now, we will never change.  The goals decide your conduct and affect your behavior.  The purpose of goals is to correct yourself because every person will act the way they see themselves.  Satan wants you to see yourself opposite of what God wants in your life. ( I am thinking about posting a picture with a woman working out on my bathroom wall to remind me of exercising daily in body and in mind)  Physical goal – lose 15 pounds.  Spiritual goal – Work on listening skills to the voice of God and to others.

Second, we must pour out excellence in everything we do.  We must see the best in every circumstance, in every situation and in every relationship and not the worse.  If I am going to have a good year then I must have the spirit of a finisher of today.  I need to realize I must do the best in whatever I do not only at home but at work and with all my relationships, duties or promises.  I must throw away the excuses and clutter that prevents me to accomplishing this excellence.  I don’t want to just ‘get by’ in getting something done or not with the best I could do cause if I don’t have excellence I will suffer with mediocrity. Goal:  Everything I do, do all for Jesus Christ as if I was doing it for Him, this includes relationships, responsibilities and volunteering.  It also includes how I talk to others.

Third, we should embrace every situation as a learning tool.  Every situation is an opportunity to serve or to solve a problem.  Without problem there is no solution in rewards.  Problems are opportunities to react as Jesus would.  The heart determines the reaction.  I must learn to see as others see and learn how to evaluate situations through other mindsets not just my own. Goal:  Train myself to see the positive attribute and not the negative, don’t ask Why but what is it to learn.  I must trust and respect others including those who God has put over me by authority.

Fourth, we must continue to build faith and confidence in God.  All miracles are reactions to faith and if we have faith we can build our world where we can trust God through anything instead of getting angry or bitter.  It is our own responsibility to build our own faith and this takes change in all of us.  Goal:  Don’t lose focus, stay on track, keep mind away from strongholds and hurts.

The last thing we must do is honor.  I know I must learn to sow honor cause it cannot be earned.  The difference in each season  of our life is because of our honor.  If I fail to succeed it is because I failed to honor someone.  Goal:  Honor those who really get on my nerves or those who hurt my feelings or my family – to do this I will find the best quality in them and thank them for that!  Learn to respect others and show love as Christ did.

Ok, you know mine, now what is your goals?  I am getting ready to teach a lesson by Jennifer Rothschild.  It is about our mind, our thoughts and the lies we deal with.  I know I am starting the new year out right and preparing my mind to accomplish excellence in all things this year and I hope you are too!

2 Corinthians 9:8 New Living Translation (©2007) 2 Timothy 2:21
And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.New Living Translation (©2007)
If you keep yourself pure, you will be a special utensil for honorable use. Your life will be clean, and you will be ready for the Master to use you for every good work.




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