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Heart Motivations

My son recently taught a sermon on seven heart motivations for every human being.  In each one of these I am sure there is one that hits home more than the other.

1.  We all want to be enjoyed and accepted.

We all have a fear of refection, failure or shame at one time or another in our lives but they shouldn’t rule us, control us or limit us.  Jesus bore all of this on the cross for us.

2.  We all want to be fascinated.

We become very bored with the same old routine so we always look for challenging obstacles from new hobbies, new vacations, new ideas and new spiritual heights or we get bored.  If you are bored spiritually then you are spiritually boring.  Life is more than just being entertained.  We need to wake up our soul in all areas of life.  Jesus wants us to be creative!

3.  We all desire to be beautiful!

There is nothing like someone telling you that you are beautiful and really mean it, not just for the sake of telling.  We must understand that God created us in His image, therefore we all are beautiful in His eyes.

4.  We all want to be great.

There is something within us that wants to be great in something.  As simple as it may sound, being a father, great in sports, to leading an organization in saving the world.  Whatever or however we want to be great, we must do it as to the Lord not for ourselves. He wants us to be great so that others will follow us, therefore leading others to Christ because He is ultimately the one who makes us great.

5.  We all want intimacy without shame. 

Relationships are work but they are also a reward.  When you love you give to the other and vice-versa.  There should be no secrets, no hiding but pure love.  This only comes when you sell out to God.

6.  We all have passion.

Passion gets stirred and we feel powerful in different seasons of our life.  When we truly act out our passion we aggressively whole heartily live for something other than ourselves.  We need to stop apologizing for our passion and start living it!

7.  We all want to leave a legacy.

We desire significant and lasting impact that we can pass down to our generations.  We all want our life to make a difference but unfortunately some may not think of this until they have little time left.  Everything we do today impacts our children and our children’s children.


1 thought on “Heart Motivations”

  1. Wow! I could not believe this posting as I am currently reading the book, The Seven Longings of the Human Heart, by Mike Bickle. My greatest longing is be enjoyed by God and to have total intimacy with Jesus. There is no lover like Jesus and I am a part of His Bride.

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