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Belly Laughs

There is nothing like something that makes you laugh and laugh really hard. You know those times when you are not supposed to make a noise and it is really hard to hold it in and you feel like you are going to explode if you don’t give a hardy gut belly laugh out loud. Well this happened to me the other night while the plumber was here. I held it in for so long that I was actually crying. So here is the story.

Our handle on our kitchen faucet was getting loose and continuing to move around too much. It wasn’t something that was an emergency but nevertheless it needed to be fixed. We called the local plumber. This man is nearing 70 years also but everyone knows him and we have used him before because we know he has experience. He had just a few tools and a handy light as he laid flat on his back and poked his head under my sink. With a few noises and a few minutes lapsed, he asked my husband to move the faucet to see if it was getting tight. As my husband stood near the sink, he moved it around and said, “Yes somewhat tighter but needs more”. Then for some reason, my husband turns on the water for just a quick spurt. After a loud “Oh No!” came from the plumber, my husband realized that he shouldn’t have done that. My husband looked over at me with that little boys grin trying hard not to laugh and I thought I was going to lose it and fall in the floor. I asked my husband why he did such a thing and all he could say was he didn’t know.

After thirty minutes, the plumber rises with wet hair and handed us a $45 bill.  What did I get? Well, I got my faucet fixed and a great laugh at my husband’s little boy mischievousness coming out of him.  There is something about feeling young again and my husband has a way of making me smile after 30 years.  I am still laughing as I type this out believe it or not.

God is the same way.  Knowing Him year after year, He gets sweeter and sweeter everyday.  He loves on me, He gives me comfort when I am sad and He knows when I need a good  belly laugh.  Thank you Jesus for having everything under control!

Jordan showed me this clip of a little boy laughing and it made me laugh so I thought I would share:


Psalms 126:2 New International Version (©1984)
Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.”


1 thought on “Belly Laughs”

  1. Caitlin Anderson THank you for the laugh!!! I can see your face right now…trying to hold a roar in!!!! xxooxx

    Stephanie Tomes Wright bahahahaha. Had one of those moments the other night… “MMMMMMMMMMMMM”

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