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Thou Shall Have

We often think about the ten commandants has being a set of golden rules that we should always follow since we are actually Christians.  These ten commandments are very well spoken of course since they come right from God and can cover just about any particular subject.  Most all of our issues that we deal with in some form or fashion has something to do with us breaking one of these simple but profound statements that God wants us to obey.

The first commandment, we push aside and say that this one doesn’t even pertain to us most of the time.  I mean it is not like we live in India where there is a god on every block or even dressing up and calling yourself a god.  We don’t do that here in America we think, but let us take a closer look.  A god is something you worship.  To worship means something that you adore and put before everything or everyone else. It means to adore and respect.  My husband said something in his message yesterday that stirred my heart, he said, “When you think you have everything figured out, then you are your own god.”  This got me to thinking about self worship.  I even posted on my facebook page and even considered revising not wanting to sound like a judge or to condemning:

Life is never good to you when you are only good to yourself…..when you think you can control others by your actions or attitude, you become your own god. It’s all about others, giving, forgiving and encouraging. Let us leave this year behind and look forward to a great 2011!

I came across an article on this matter and here are a few viewpoints to consider.


When we believe that we should be satisfied rather than God glorified in our worship, then we put God below ourselves as though He had been made for us rather than that we had been made for Him. -Stephen Charnock

Many times I wonder which god is being worshipped in our churches, and where this god developed his characteristics.

Some people think the purpose of a church service is to entertain, exhilarate, and energize.

Some of us go to church, not so much to worship God, to stand in awe of His grace to us in Christ, to stir up our affections for Him but rather to consume, sit back, fancy the musical experience and apply the self-help advice we gleaned during the sermon. The pastor is expected to be to be clean-cut, non-offensive and smooth, the musicians to be talented and contemporary, the congregation to be good-looking, middle-class, look and act like you.

God should be central to worship, not you … that is, He should be the central focus in our song and proclamation of the word. Self-focused, self-absorbed psychological sessions whose main purpose is to generate good feelings about ourselves is idolatry, a breach of the first/second commandments.  Instead of finding the service meaningful and God-glorifying, centering around the work of Christ, many spend their time asking themselves what they got out of it. Rather, we need to be asking ourselves, “Was God glorified in our time of corporate worship today?


This put me into an entire different mode in honoring God for who he is, not what can God do for me today.  It is sad today to think Christians (although saved)  may continue to live their life honoring their wishes instead of what God truly wants.  Good saved people continue to seek what God can do for them and fulfilling their needs instead of fulfilling the great commission in loving others or reaching out.    I myself find this a training ground to not always insist on what I want or demand things to change but try to see if I am breaking this holy commandment or the others to follow.  I want a God in my life who knows what is best for me, not a god like me because I am selfish in nature and want my way.  This blog is totally not to offend but to purposely make us think about our current situations or past issues in which we demanded justice or our own self-gratification.  We keep secrets, tell white lies, become jealous, justify our actions & attitudes, kill with our tongue or poison others and think no one is listening or watching us, even demanding God to do something about it.  We set ourselves up for failure when we claim to be our own god.  Let us look at the first commandment once again:

New International Version (©1984)
“You shall have no other gods before me.

Prayer:  As I end this blog today and plan for the new year, I repent for my selfish actions, my attitudes and rebellious actions.  I will change Lord to be more like you and put myself under your feet in true worship and holiness.  It is all about you, not me.  It is all about serving others, not me.  It is all about growing your kingdom, not mine.  It is all about being holy, not right in my eyes.  It is all about showing your character, not mine.  In Jesus Name I pray!  Amen


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