Abundant life, faith

You Can Fly

Another dream that I not only could levitate but also fly.  I awoke feeling so peaceful and free as if my Spirit had taken flight throughout the night.  I decided to write what the Lord was saying to me and share what I wrote in my journal this morning.  God wants you to know this is for YOU also.

God says:  The Holy Spirit is within you, consuming with goodness, anointing and power.  Love and compassion, comfort and care the love and mercy shall overflow within you.  Swim in my waters of peace and joy, learn to rest in my care and strength and goodness.  Be thankful for all that you behold, all that you endure.  Things of this world is only for a small season that I will carry you through.  See beyond into the eternal and see what beauty awaits.    Let your spirit and soul be mine and do not hold back.  Stop what you are doing, what you are looking at and look to me, swim, soak be in my presence!  Come soar with me, fly above all your worries, care and concerns.  See things through my eyes and let me consume your entire being.  Love me and only me as I let my love flow to others through you.  I say again, see through my eyes, love through my heart, touch others as I touch, speak as I speak, do as I do.  You can fly!  Lift up your head, look into my face, leave this world behind and fly!

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