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12 Ways

As the holidays are not stressful enough, our time is also eaten up with going, doing and running around trying to get things done we may find ourselves not spending enough time with God.  I received this in my email this morning and thought I would share.

Twelve Ways to Spend Time with the Lord.

1. Walk and talk. Send your family out for pizza and walk around your house thanking the Lord out loud for just
being Him.

2. Shout to the Lord. Go to a room where you won’t be disturbed, light candles if you want, turn the lights low, play a quiet worship CD. If you prefer something faster and louder, put in a CD that encourages you to sing at the top of your lungs – you may want to warn your family and neighbors first!

3. Calendar time. Review your schedule from the past month and see how God has worked in ways you may have missed during the month. Thank Him for each of those times. Look ahead at the next month and ask God to intervene in upcoming events and appointments.

4. Pray over it. Make a prayer list and pray over it. Brainstorm for the first 10-15 minutes to create your list, then use the rest of the hour to pray specifically for each of those things.

5. Read your Bible. Choose a topic or section of Scripture on which to focus. Before you begin reading, ask God to show you what he wants you to see. God will reveal Himself in amazing ways.

6. Count your blessings. Just like the prayer list, brainstorm for 10-15 minutes all the ways God has blessed you today, this week, month, year and so on. Use the rest of the hour to thank Him for each of those things. Challenge yourself to think of things that may not initially look like a blessing – loss, conflict, burdens, stress or overload.

7. Take it to heart. Choose four Scriptures – one for each 15 minutes – to memorize. If that seems like too many, start with one or two. Chose Scriptures that speak to where you are in life and commit them to memory. Later, you’ll be amazed at how God blesses you by bringing these verses to mind just when you need them!

8. Be creative!  For the visual person, choose a passage of Scripture and sketch, paint or illustrate it visually.  The Psalms are a natural for this approach – try Psalm 1, 19 or 139.

9. Hearing is believing. Listening to recorded Scripture can affect us differently than reading. More emotion can be attached to the reading and our mind seems to form “pictures” that illustrate what we’re hearing. You can purchase a CD or download Scripture from the internet.

10. Be prepared. Imagine that you have been asked to describe a passage in the Bible to a friend. This friend is hurting and in great need. How would you describe the heart of God in what the passage says? How would you put it into words they can understand and that creates a desire for them to know God?

11. Write it down. Record your thoughts to God in writing. You can handwrite or use the computer. Be sure to put the date and to write about any struggles. The journal becomes a written history of God working in your life.

12. Confess. Spend 10-15 minutes making a list of sins and those areas of your life that don’t align with God’s heart. Focus the rest of your time confessing those to the Lord and asking His forgiveness. Agree with God that these are areas you need Him to remove from your life.


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