Who Do You Want Me To Be Today

As a mother of four and a pastor’s wife to over 400, determining where or what I am doing, I constantly ask myself “Who am I today?”  When the boys were younger I became not just the mommy but the cook, the taxi driver, the maid, the nurse, the hero, the babysitter, the teacher, the coach and the list of hats goes on.  As a wife I am the best friend, the lover, the help meet, co-laborer and all the above too!  However the truth is, I must be the person who Jesus created me to be; everyday.

As a Christian I must display a reflection to others of who Jesus Christ is from His very core being in every way.  In my disciplines, in my relationships, in my character and my integrity, in love, in giving, in reaching out to others, overcoming the enemy and my flesh, in healing and working of miracles through the Holy Spirit moving within us.  We must be the person of a laid down life to make a difference in the world and to change upcoming generations for the better.

Upon reading this morning I silently asked the question to Jesus this morning, “Who do YOU want me to be today?”  I sat thinking as mere bodies living here on the earth, we should be the Jesus to someone else and we should minister not only to our husband, or children, and to our friends but also to all others.  We forget there are many people living among us who still do not know Jesus nor His power of His resurrection.

“Jesus, who do you want me to be today?”  I love to run into His arms, dance and twirl with Him.  I love to take walks with Him, listen to Him and know Him.  He loves to pick me up and carry me.  He loves for me to lay next to Him and feel His breath, and feel His heart beat as I lean upon Him. He wants me to tell Him how great and marvelous He is, how wonderful are His works and how awesome of a God He is.  He wants me to marvel at His creative side, praise Him for who He is.  He wants me to laugh with Him, clap for Him and spend time with Him just chatting and smiling. He wants me to marvel and awe of who He is as a dazed lover looking into His eyes.  He wants me to be His lover today!

“Who do you want me to be today?”  I lift my hands up as a child, depending upon my Heavenly Father to be there to lift me up and give me a hug and butterfly kisses.  I have no worries for He protects and provides.  I have no fear for where my Daddy is, I am safe from harm or the dangers.  He lets me wear His shoes, his hat and clothes me with His love.  He feeds me from His banquet table.  He pours out love beyond measure.  He trains me, teaches me, pushes me to grow up in areas where I may not understand so He gives me time.  He has patience and unconditional love.  He brushes and removes all sickness and pain from all the booboos of life.  He loves to play and hide things from me and play the game for me to find the treasures and mysteries. He wants me to laugh, have fun and dream big dreams. He wants me to be His child today!

Prayer:  Lord you always seem to make me smile today for your love always brings tears to my eyes when I feel your presence.  I pray for others to know you in this relationship whether it be as a child or as your lover or as a replica of you, let us all experience all three for it is who you created us to be.  I love you Jesus and let me be all you created me to be.  I don’t have to ask, “Who do you want me to be today, cause I already know.”

New International Version (©1984) 2 Corinthians 1:3
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort…

Provers 8:17 New International Version (©1984)
I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.



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