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Stones and Feathers

There it was, perfect in shape and glistening from the light.  A tiny jewel was found right there on the pew.  It was not there before Tara sat down but when she stood it was right there where she was sitting.  The first thing her husband did was look at her ring to make sure the stone was still there.  He wasn’t much a believer about stones appearing out of the blue until it happened to him.  He now is a believer.  Where did this jewel come from?  Is it a wonder or a sign? God is in the business of making us wonder and producing signs and He doesn’t have to have a reason.  He loves surprising us and God can do what He wants to do regardless of what we tend to think.   This is not the first time nor the only time nor will it be the last.  We had our cleaning man collect a bottle of several of them throughout the last two years.  Lyle has found several not only at PromiseLand but also other places as well.  After one service of worship and prayer several months ago with Tony and Pamela Maxwell, Rush and Barbie Hunt there were several white and green jewels thrown all over the place.  We gave the stones to them and they took them to a Jeweler who in turn confirmed they were white topaz.  It was as if God just rained them down.  Think what you want, say they fell off of someone’s clothes or ring sets but how many times or effort does people have to put into this to make things like this happen?  My point is, they don’t and we will continue to believe they are from God and not from a person just randomly throwing up jewels, glitter or feathers.

Years ago I had no idea I would be writing about this certain subject.  I was always taught “If it ain’t in the Bible then it is not of God”.  We get offended intelligently when these things happen because we don’t always understand what we see.  I laugh at that statement now because what I see God doing in our midst is certainly not a Bible Scripture but I wouldn’t doubt it did not happen.  There were many things that had to have happened during the Old Testament and even in the New Testament that were not recorded.  I have been known to shy away from these very same things but when it starts happening in your own church service you start to believe in ‘signs, wonders, and miracles’.  I am sure there are people say they don’t believe in this kind of nonsense nor do these people believe in miracles.  Just last week a woman came up with a mass in her breast with the appointment three days later to have it removed.  Upon arriving the doctor confirmed the mass was no longer there, had a mammogram done and a ultersound to confirm that it had disappeared.  I would like for someone to tell her that miracles don’t happen today!  Our church has what we call and claim a “Sick Free Zone”.  Many people who don’t attend our church come for healing and Jesus is in the healing business!  We had a woman to drive down from Illinois just last month.  They had given her less than two years to live and she was full of cancer in her abdomen area.  We all gathered around her and prayed.  She cried and left knowing God had touched her.  A week went by and it was confirmed that all the cancer had disappeared and she was cancer free.  Believe it or not.  Unbelievers will try to explain every logical thing under the sun why these things are happening and that is ok with us, except you can’t change the fact it is happening. 

When we started having School of Ministry and this last lesson on the Supernatural, we have learned quite a bit and one thing you don’t do is go around and publicize diamonds falling from the sky into your church pews, or angel feathers appearing out of nowhere.  Then there is the even more phenomenon when glitter looking substance, “gold dust” starts to fall and covers all the pews that really blows people’s minds.   I am sure I will get some negative but hopefully positive feedback because we don’t seek signs, they just appear and make us smile.  Jesus is the focus in all of our services.  He alone is the mighty healer!  It is not ‘us’ that heals but God working through us with the dunimous power of the Holy Spirit.  As for now, I am ready for just about anything to happen and looking forward to see what God is going to do next.  If we can believe God for the little things and they start to happen, then why not believe Him for the larger things, (like Billy Hogle’s arm growing back).  Miracles happen all the time overseas and it is time we bring them and allow them to happen here in the United States.  We must first believe it CAN happen, allow God to move in our midst then thank Him for doing what He wants to do. God is Jehovah Jireh!  Until then, I will keep dancing in the midst of stones and feathers!

Psalms 114:3 New International Version (©1984)
Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases him.

Isaiah 54:12 New International Version (©1984)
I will make your battlements of rubies, your gates of sparkling jewels, and all your walls of precious stones.

Prayer:  Lord I thank you for all you have done!  You are the mighty God of all!  I will never doubt your wonderful creative works for with you ALL things are possible!


6 thoughts on “Stones and Feathers”

  1. Cindy Farris
    Praise God Melissa! I believe for I have seen! If I may share…I wiill try to keep it short instead of getting into all the details. I have shared this with very few people for reasons that you mention here. I have not experienced the ston…es …but I have experienced the feathers & the glitter/gold dust. The gold dust was upon ME and this was November 26, 2000 I believe was the year. I was very, very sick; diagnosed with two major diseases in 1999. I had dragged myself to church one Sunday night. I had missed so much due to being so ill & was just longing to be with my church family & to hear the Word & share in praise & worship.
    Long story short…when I got there we had a visiting minister…so OK…he didn’t know me, right? So…during praise & worship he began to speak to me directly…it took me a little bit to realize that he was speaking to me. He said things there was no way he could have known but by the Spirit of God. I ended up basking in God’s presence & just laid down in the pew in complete rest, listening, receiving & resting in the healing words I was hearing. I remained in that supine position the entire service & really did not want to get up when the service was over. Even after I did sit up, me and several others just hung around the church still basking in all that had taken place that night. All of a sudden a close friend/sister of mine started giggling…she has the gift of laughter in the spirit anyway LOL & she said “Cindy there is something sparkly all over your face…it looks like gold.”
    I started rubbing my face & again to make this story shorter…as we looked it was all over me. It was still there when I went to bed that night probably around midnight….when I got up the next morning it was gone. At first that made me sad, but I couldn’t be sad long as I knew that God had truly touched me for a moment & He done something…that something really unknown to me…but I claimed healing & I still walk in that healing today! My physical body still many days/weeks/months/years produces pain & signs that the diseases are still there, but when I get discouraged I remember this night! God always finishes what He begins so I walk on with full assurance of my healing in His time because He is MORE than able to complete it! Bless His Holy Name! His ways are beyond my comprehension! His works are marvelous! Only Believe!!!
    Thank you for sharing…not just today but everyday!

  2. Melissa this is amazing! I have never heard of anything like that…but isn’t it just like God! I could tell you so many stories! If God can come up with creating the earth and all the marvelous things in it…..there really isn’t anything He can’t do if we accept it!

  3. why do I always miss these things!!!! this is so amazing! I still have a pic of the gold that appeared in Zachs house! You should make Jewelry out of all the gems God gives you guys and distribute:-)

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