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Finding Yourself Hungry

Have you ever found yourself hungry?  Not just for food but for more of just ‘something’.  A meaning or purpose, hungry for an encounter or hungry for more of life than just the mundane.  Is there a price to pay for this hunger?  Do we search for a power to overcome all our difficulties or life’s seasons?

Reading this morning, I looked at the story of Jesus in Luke 4.  Jesus was ready to start His ministry after He was baptized.  He was full of the Holy Ghost or the Spirit of God and it was the very same Spirit that led him into the wilderness.  He wanted that intimacy time with the Father, the alone time to pray and seek God.  Was it that He was hungry for more , was it that He knew what was going to take place in the future and needed assurance to overcome, needing comfort or strength to prepare.  He was there alone with God, with angels that ministered to Him and also with wild animals.  Even though we see Jesus alone, He never was really alone in His wilderness. God protected even Jesus in the wilderness.

When Jesus walked away from His wilderness experience what did He walk away with?  He walked away full of the Spirit but also with power.  Do you think this power took place after the season of temptations, after spending time in the wilderness or after spending time with God alone?    He walked into the wilderness with the living spirit of God but walked out knowing He had the creative miracle-working dunimous  power of the Spirit of God.

How many times being robust and full of the Holy Spirit do we scream out, “Yes God!  I will do anything for you!  I am hungry for more of You!”,  then we find ourselves in the middle of a wilderness being tempted.  We serve God, we do everything right, we obey His commands believing we are able to withstand the seasons of the future, but when the temptations come we sometimes fail miserably in which makes us cry out for more of God and depend upon Him even more so.  We fail because we fail to realize the dunimous power-the Holy Spirit that lives within us to conquer and pass the temptations that come our way.  The reason why we do not realize this power is because we have forgotten to spend time with God, the alone time, the intimacy time in which God cries out to us wanting to spend time with us.

Today you may be facing a wilderness season in your life.  You know God is with you but you are hungry for more. You may be wanting to see the dunimous power of the Spirit working within you.  On the day of Pentecost, the Spirit God gave is the dunimous power and it is for every believer.  We must use this power and know this power exists within us not just to comfort us or power over sin but that it gives us power to be bold, to witness, to experience it!  When Jesus walked out of His wilderness being tempted, facing hunger in the physical sense, He walked OUT with the dunimous power of God.  With that dunimous power of being filled with the Spirit, He went on to teach (witness for God’s will to be done), He went on to perform miracles, healing the sick and proclaim the Word of God.  You can do the same!  Be filled with the dunimous power Spirit of God as you walk in the season of your wilderness, overcome the enemy’s strategy to kill, steal and destroy you, seek God, trust in Him to feed you, go forward proclaiming what God can do and be a witness of this dunimous power of the Holy Ghost!  God will always be with you in the wilderness.  He will always take care of you and protect you and He will minister to you while you are in your wilderness season.  However being full of the Holy Ghost is what you must believe, and you must know His Word.  We must submit to Him and resist the devil so he will run from us.  We must walk out of our wilderness knowing God was with us.  We must believe we are full of the dunimous power to overcome anything and go on to walk not only with authority but in experience it with signs and wonders as Jesus did.

Prayer:  God sometimes I don’t understand the seasons you have us to go through nor do I understand why we are put in the wilderness, even though I know through those wilderness times I learn to trust and depend upon you more.  I know it is all a learning process.  I thank you for showing me the difference in the authority power and the dunimous power of Your Spirit and how we are filled with both functions.  I praise you for who you are!  In Jesus name.  Amen

Luke 4:14 Douay-Rheims Bible
And Jesus returned in the power of the spirit, into Galilee, and the fame of him went out through the whole country.

2 thoughts on “Finding Yourself Hungry”

  1. I feel GOD must have told you that I really needed to hear this now…Thank You even if you didn’t know it was for me, I am still very blessed by it……

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