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Our Television Program Interview

Yesterday I spoke about us having a television ministry back in the early 90’s for a couple of years.  During that time Jeff went to Israel and interviewed the Rabbi of the Western wall of Jerusalem, Rabbi Yehuda Getz.  Everyone was so surprised and wondered how he got the interview and all we could say that it was God ordained.  People had been trying to get an appointment with him but couldn’t.  Jeff took a camera just so we could film this man speaking as a special guest.  Jeff asked him some very profound questions in the interview so it could be a part of the television program.

Some of the questions might surprise you.

Question:  Are the Jews looking for the Messiah?  You have signs everywhere stating He is coming.

Answer: Yes, we believe he will be coming any day now.

Question:  Will the Jews be going back to temple worship just like in the Old Testament?

Answer:  Yes, we can build the temple again in just a matter of days.  We have all the supplies to do so.

Question:  What about all the vessels, such as the gold Menorah, the Ark of the Covenant, Ten Commandments, the ashes of the red heifer?

Answer:  We have all of it.  It is located beneath us in the catacombs in which is sealed off so many feet from us.  It is behind a closed wall.  We keep this information hidden in fear of rioting and someone trying to steal it and also for peace.  It is for the Jews and the new temple.

Question: Can we go there and can we see them?

Answer:  We can go down under the wall but you cannot film there.

Along with other questions and through an interpreter, the Rabbi answered every question for the interview and we still have it on tape.  They proceeded to below the wall without the camera.  Coming into an area where most of the area was excavated except in one area.  It looked like mostly caves and dated back into the ages of the Scripture where it last talked about the Ark of the Covenant and how it was hid.  Jeff met the archeologist who was doing the digging (who later had a documentary about all of it, showing the walls).  He also stated that they were so many feet from all the original vessels for  temple worship.  Why would this remain a secret?  Only God knows but they all believed it was just a few feet away.

An article in which was wrote in 1997 by Zola Levitt (three years after our interview): Rabbi Yehuda Getz, the rabbi in charge of the Western Wall area, are convinced that the Ark has been hidden in a cave in the Temple Mount directly under the site of the Holy of Holies, since the time of King Josiah.Rabbi Getz believes that in 1982 he was very close, within 40 feet, to finding the cave in which the Ark resides. He was conducting a search in an old tunnel that had been filled with the debris of centuries, which runs perpendicular to the Western Wall and under the Temple Mount. However, when the Moslems discovered that there were diggings being conducted under the Dome of the Rock, they threatened a general riot and the diggings were stopped. The rabbi explains that, for the sake of maintaining peace with their Moslem neighbors, the Israelis had to re-seal the entrance to the tunnel, and it remains blocked up to this day.

So what does this have to do with the Christian world?  Biblically, we as Christians are engrafted into the family of God by grace through faith because Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.  The Jews have rejected Jesus as the messiah, therefore they will return back to sacrificing.  If God is to return back to the Jews again, He must take His believers (us) out of here as the Bride.  Good news for us!  Bible-believing Christians should keep a sharp eye out for any developments surrounding the Temple Mount, realizing that it is a key element leading to the Tribulation era. The closer we get to the Tribulation, the closer we are to the imminent Rapture of the Church, which, we believe the Scriptures teach, will precede the Tribulation.

This was a very moving and memorable experience along with some notable knowledge that still remains somewhat of a secret or a speculation.  Rabbi Getz passed away in 1995 just a short year after our interview, taking with him the moments of excitement of hoping to open the wall. seeing the items and returning back to temple worship.

Prayer:  Lord I thank you for the experiences and for the knowledge you give us in hopes of seeing others believe that you are real and are returning one day to bring us out of this world.  Our hope remains in you in this life, we walk forward in faith to bring others into your kingdom.  Jesus Name.  Amen

New International Version (©1984) I Thessalonians 4:16-17
For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.



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