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Our Television Ministry

My husband rarely dreams and if he does, we know that it is something about to take place in our lives or for our members of the church.  Here recently he has been dreaming about the future of television ministry.  We have been prophesied several times that we would not only have an international ministry but also a television ministry reaching out to millions.

In 1993-94 we had a television ministry called Bethel Ministries.  We had the capability to reach 2 million people.  The station was out of Madisonville, channel 19.  Looking back, I really don’t know how we did it. We paid for it ourselves with some donations coming in.  We had a prayer line on the screen with our home number, so when they ran the show without us knowing it sometimes at 3am, we would get a call for prayer.

Bethel Ministries would run for thirty minutes so we would film four shows back to back without stopping to last us a month.  My job was to keep the boys quiet and to clap loudly at the end as part of the studio crowd.  At the time, the boys were 3,5,6,10 years old, running all over the place.  We had to rent out the cameras and pay the crew for working.  We would invite several people to be with us, including our friends who were special guest singers.  It is so funny to watch our video tapes now, me with the “big hair” and Jeff with his hair slicked back, preaching passionately as always.

I was only on several times and since we were running as what we called live, (couldn’t stop and edit) I was always so nervous to say anything so I would just smile and nod my head.  I would watch other television evangelists wives to see what they did or what they said, but it didn’t matter what Tammy Baker did, I just couldn’t get into it with a big camera with a blinking red light on top of it staring down at you.  Stage fright at age 29?  I laugh about it now but what a great experience to go through to prepare you for the future.

We had to create our own set and thank goodness they had storage so we didn’t have to load and unload each month.  We had to create our walls, covering them with wallpaper, hang up pictures, a tree and other greenery, chairs, sort of like a living room set.  This had to be moved each time we filmed, so Saturday filming day was a long day for us.  Tomorrow’s blog I will tell you of another experience Jeff had during filming for one of his shows.

As for now, we know television is right around the corner for us.  We have already told PromiseLand folks to get ready for cameras to be in the Sanctuary to film our services.  I know at first it will hinder some of the worship because people get nervous in front of cameras.  However if we know we can reach more people, bring people in their homes a service of the gospel of Christ, salvation and hope it will all be worth the effort of establishing another television ministry.

We must remember to step out in faith when God gives us a dream and He will be the one who provides for it to happen!

Prayer:  Lord I know you want us to always do our best in reaching out to people and that you have a plan for us to go into people’s homes to teach and preach the gospel.  We are waiting patiently Lord for the timing and know we will be supplied the means to do it.  Thank You Lord for all you do!  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Luke 14:23 New International Version (©1984)
“Then the master told his servant, ‘Go out to the roads and country lanes and make them come in, so that my house will be full.


4 thoughts on “Our Television Ministry”

  1. Melissa,Our church has three cameras in the santuary and we don’t even pay any attention to them.Just forget about them and don’t think about them.
    I’ve also done a christain TV show on public access TV and it is awesome what God can do.Just keep it real and don’t turn it into the mess so many TV ministries do.Most of that JUNK is’nt real Jesus ministry.Stay true to Christ and you will do well.
    God bless.
    Wayne Riley
    PS: Leadership has to forget about the cameras too and just have church.That’s when it’s real church/ministry and not just a show.

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