Emotional, Encouragement, faith, Patience

Needing Comfort

There are many times in life where we need to feel safe or loved or just comforted.  It is during those times where we feel alone, no one cares or times of struggle dealing with our emotions.  Life is life, good and bad, we all have to deal with it at one time or another.  The wonderful thing about having a relationship with Jesus is knowing He has it all under control.  We might not be able to control our environment of what is happening in circumstances but yet He is able to give us assurance that it will be a better tomorrow.  Just knowing He has a plan for each one of us and He wants us to live within His care, His realm of purpose.  He is our refuge and strength, a help when all else fails.  We should not fear through any circumstance, through any mood swings, through any conflict with our children or husband, through any death of a family member or through any situation on the job site.  Even if we walk into the midst of trouble, He is there ready to receive us and He will put a stop to our enemies and save us.  Jesus never hides his face from us and if we cry, He hears us.  If we cast our burden upon Him, He will sustain us and give us peace.  Jesus overcame the world and He came to give us rest.  His mercy helps us, His compassion is there for us and if we wait on Him we should be a person of courage because He will strengthen our heart as we wait.

If you are needing comfort today, just realize the things you are experiencing, Jesus has went through them also.  He has overcome everything and with Him on our side He gives us the ability to feel peace in all storms of life.

Psalms 9,18,22,27,37,46,55,138

Prayer:  Lord for those needing comfort today I pray that your Holy Spirit will quickly be released on their minds today and bring them rest and peace.  In Jesus name.  Amen.


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