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Momma’s Cinnamon Toast

When growing up there is nothing like your momma’s cooking.  My mother always had a home cooked breakfast just about every morning, making her own biscuits most of the time and she still holds the same tradition every Sunday morning.  In fact, I could go over there right now and she could whip me up what we called “a runny egg” or “fried hard egg”, gravy, sausage or bacon.

Meal time was family time and I treasure the memories she created in our little minds while growing up.  One of my favorite was her cinnamon toast, smothered with butter until it leaks  through on the other side, covered with sugar and just the right amount of cinnamon, toasted in the oven just right.  It can’t be too toasted or too soggy but just right and it was far from healthy.  I sometimes wondered if mom was in a hurry to fix us something, or if the cupboard was bare since she fixed us just toast.  I tend to think she made the best out of what she had for us kids and made it special and different from the traditional cooked meal or box of cereal.

In life we can look at what we have and think it is small when we compare it to others.  God doesn’t want us to compare but make the most out of what we do have.  Just like mom’s cinnamon toast, we can always add special touches to our simple things, be thankful and make it sweet for others.  You might not like the thought of changing or getting out of routine, but once you taste it you will never forget it.  Take what you do have today and make it something special for others.  Let your legacy live through your next generation, even if it is as simple as momma’s cinnamon toast.

Prayer:Lord thank you for the little things!

Colossians 4:2 New International Version (©1984)
Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.



1 thought on “Momma’s Cinnamon Toast”

  1. Thanks for the memories of the cinnamon toast!!! This is just the way my mom made it for us kids and I carried on the tradition with my kids too. When my nephew would come to visit he would say please make me some of your special toast! Now my youngest son who still lives at home makes his own and the smell brings so many memories. Just reading this I can smell the scent in my head!

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