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In Persuit of Process

My husband runs everyday.  Every morning he has a routine.  He comes into the kitchen and sits at the bar grabbing his devotion and his Little Boys Book to twitter out his thoughts for the day.  After reading his devotion and coming over to aggravate me when I am reading or writing my blog, we exchange the kiss, the love you, our plans for the day and hopefully a cup of coffee.  Time sometime is the factor.  He then gets his on his running shoes and takes a trip up and down the road or on the golf course.  It is a time in which he may focus on a particular thing or pray, but he makes himself disciplined to pursue this daily routine.  He chooses to have these commitments for happiness in his life, his walk with God and with his wife, that’s me!

I had a meeting with someone recently and I was asked the question, “How do you get close to God?”  My response was to say it is not a quick responding ‘got it’ but an ongoing process and pursuit of God.  It is developing the small measure of faith to a growing faith.  It is having faith to know what His Word says about you and tapping into that resource of power to experience the happiness we want out of life and to fill the void in all of us of wanting something more than the average person.  It takes discipline and a “want to” attitude and lifestyle change.  Just like the average person wanting to lose weight, it is not a quick fix but an ability to see with vision of what lies ahead of you and disciplining yourself in the process with a change of lifestyle in all areas.

What is the operational definition of the process that keeps our soul turned toward God?  The pursuit of intimacy with our Lord in our life is an intentional commitment to take steps toward Him and in the process of that motion, to grow more deeply conscious of connected to and confident in Him alone as the only source to satisfy sustain and secure your life.  This pursuit of encountering with God daily is a process that is intentional, it is a choice to become happy while participating in this lifestyle.  It is a lifelong adventure with increasing measures of satisfaction and meaning.  Notice what the key word here is…. increasing.  It is intentional in that no one is zapped into a walk of abundance or closeness to God, we must be actively focused on the pursuit.

This pursuit is a nonnegotiable commitment on our part to actively apply the principles that God has given us and to patiently and persistently build our lives around them.  These principles include:  a repentant turnaround in attitude and action, a repudiation of self-sufficiency that leads to a radical reliance on Christ, a conscious connecting in ongoing communication and a connecting with Him in creation in his character and conduct, in worship and praise, in crisis and in faithful obedience.

This brings us to the ultimate question:  “Do you have your running shoes on”?

Prayer:  Lord, everyday my focus should always be on you and running after the things of your heart.  I can get so lost in the rubble of selfish thinking or motives I fall into the prey of forgetting how important our time is so valuable with one another.  Forgive me in these areas God, I actively want to pursue you and I want my faith to grow.  I thank you for filling the voids in my life and helping me to continue to run this race that you have laid out before me.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

James 4:8 International Standard Version (©2008)
Come close to God, and he will come close to you.


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