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I Talk To Birds

I have had several people tell me how our family is so creative. I remember as a child I would pick up acorns and glue them on sticks to make little people out of them.  I would sew my own Barbie doll clothes, write in a journal and play outside having adventures in the woods for hours and believe it or not, I talk to birds.  What gave me the creativity?  Is it talent?  What exposed me to have creativity as a child or how can we help our own children be creative?  Was it reading, was it having quiet time, or is it just part of my inherited gene?  Hopefully there are areas of life, where we can express ourselves and contribute to the world in some way.  We must continue to gain experience and allow our creativity to grow.  When we think of creativity, we may think about people with professions like entrepreneurs or artsy people but in truth, creativity is not a born ability but a God-given ability for all.  We just need to tap into it.  God wants us to use our imagination to give us abundant life!  How can we be creative?
We must be patient with ourselves.  I have painted so many paintings or even for this blog trying to find a topic to talk about takes creativity and there have been times where I just sit here with coffee in hand staring out the window.  Or I tell myself how it doesn’t flow and start it all up again.  Sometimes I get into a flow and then sometimes I get to a roadblock.  I have heard that other writers or painters must get in that mood to paint. When as a child I enjoyed the solitude, taking walks by myself letting my mind imagine. I was always hoping the birds would talk back and if God allowed them to talk to me I am sure they would label me insane once I ran home to tell someone.   If you want to boost your creativity and focus, get away from all the hustle and bustle and enjoy the tranquility of solitude and the healing effect of silence!  There is nothing like flow.  Once you tap into it, my fingers start typing from the heart.  It is a great feeling when you can flow when your body and mind is working together in perfect harmony.  It is always easy when you have fun and enjoy what you are doing.  Sometimes I put on inspirational music or orchestra music without words.  When I go for a walk, I notice the beauty in the creation of God from watching an ant crawl or the trees blowing in the wind, talking to a bird or listening to the leaves rustle.
Creative stimulation is a great way to trigger new ideas and insights. Whenever you feel creatively stuck, take a break from routine and change your surroundings.  I know that when Jeff and I go on a little get away only for a couple of days, we come back refreshed and enlightened by what we have exposed ourselves to.  We must learn to boost our creativity and allow our mind to rest.  It is almost impossible to achieve the peak of creativity without calming our mind first.  We must learn to relax and let go of anxiety and our own expectation of our ideas.  Many people get in a routine, get up, go to work, come home fix dinner, help children do homework, do chores, bed time and then it starts all over again.  Look at the situation from a slightly different perspective. Change up your routine, read a good book to let your imagination expand, go for a walk, train yourself to see beauty in everything, experiment with new food, take a different route from or to work, just be adventurous and expand your thinking.  Believe it or not this will expand your creativity!  If we would just try to think out of the box or stand back and look at what we are trying to accomplish then we take on a new look from another perspective.  We don’t always have to have it our way but allowing others to input helps us think out of the box.   Creativity comes from many hours of work. The more you know about the topic, the more creative you are likely to be. All knowledge contributes to creativity.  Truly creative people are life-long learners. They are always hungry for new knowledge, always experimenting with new ideas and always looking for ways to improve their work.  Jeff and I believe if you want to keep growing then you want to continue to educate yourself.  When I started working with jewelry, I found out all I could about the stones for the bracelets.  I watched videos on YouTube just to learn a little bit about what I was getting myself into.  Before I started the pajama line, in which it took a year in the making, I researched hours looking for the material, the fabric, the patterns and doing a survey of what women like to wear at night.  It is not always an easy task.  The important thing to remember is not to be afraid to fail.  Trial and error is the fastest way to learn something and improve your skills.  There are never bad ideas, just bad decisions but we shouldn’t let our ideas die without at least trying.
So I end with this, if you have ever had an idea, even if you think it is a “stupid” idea, write it down, think about it and plan it out.  I have a notebook with tabs.  One tab is for personal, one tab is for ministry, one tab is for suggestions or things I hope to accomplish in my life.  I get into a creative flow and pick up the book and start writing down ideas, then when I have time to plan, I can sit down and write out a plan to accomplish each one.  During the times in between, I reasearch and expand my mind into creative thinking.   You must have patience, educate yourself, focus, look at things from out of the box or from different perspective, learn to free your mind from clutter, change your routine and be willing to talk to birds and when you have done all these you have allowed yourself to be creative!

Prayer:  Lord you have given me the freedom to be creative!  You alone have all the creativity therefore the closer I get to you and be more like you, I know the more creative I will become!  Help us to be more like you Jesus.  Amen

I Timothy 4:4  New International Version (©1984)
For everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving,

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