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My Favorite Things

I have a list of my favorite things in this world.  Of course I would put God first and there is no questioning about the creator of the universe being my favorite while I am in His presence.  Then if we are talking about people in general I would also consider my husband and my boys at the top of the list.

As far as things go, I do have a list of favorite things, it is my life.   Serve me Coke, not Pepsi cause I am a coke girl and I love to drink my coke while eating fresh guacamole and chips at a mexican restaurant.  Coffee in the morning is another favorite of mine with just a little tad of sugar and cream, French vanilla please.  I also like sweet tea with lemon or the famous lemon tea served at Mrs. Janie’s Tea House.  I also love Bubble Gum and if I want to get picky, the old-fashioned bubble gum or the one you get out of the machines is best.  I gladly pay 25 cents for a ball of colored gum.  Yes, I am addicted to sugar but it makes me feel good, releasing those serotonin in my brain that makes me smile.  I also love Italian food, bruschetta, pasta and Alfredo so bad I do want to visit Italy some day to capture the real experience.  Now, I don’t just love the sweets but also fresh herbs, fresh veggies from the garden and things that are good for the body.  I love to cook but if I do my body would pay the price cause I am not so disciplined when it comes to portions.  I love walking on the Beach, swimming in the clearest water like in the Caribbean.  I love a good self-help book, a romantic comedy movie but I also love to be creative with making things, living adventurous, making people smile and helping people grow spiritually.  To top off the day, I want my hubby to rub my feet which releases high dosage of sedative into my body knocking me out for a peaceful sleep.  Yes, you can laugh at all my favorite things and I am sure you have them too.  Your favorite things tell much about you.  I believe I have summed up who I am just by telling you what my favorite things are.  I don’t know what I would do if I could wrap all these up in one day, I guess I would feel like I was in Alice in Wonderland running out of time trying to do all these things in one day.

Can you make a list of your favorite things?  Think.  Do you know that we can get over our troubles and woes by thinking about our favorite things. Things that make us smile and feel warm inside will make our mood changes positively instead of dwelling on the negative.  Now this mood may not last for ever,  but it releases the creative energy to problem solve the issue in which we may be facing.  In today’s world, we need ideas in order to problem solve.  The expansion of thinking about our favorite things helps to build our physical, intellectual and social resources. When people are stressed, anxious, or frightened, as many of us can find ourselves at times, we physically and mentally clench up. Trying to come up with an answer to our complex question automatically shrinks especially when stressed, and it is at the very moment we need our mind to expand.  At the very point we need to be more creative, we benefit enormously from connecting with some positive emotions.  These “favorite things” help create a positive mood of excitement, energy and pleasure, from which we can creatively generate ideas to solve any presenting issues or problems consciously.   Asking people to describe favorite things such as food, hobbies, pets, holidays, restaurants, music, movies can facilitate a mood shift into a more positive state surprisingly quickly.  We can set goals for our vision for our future but also help others create healthy and normal boundaries,  giving optimism and hope just by thinking on our favorite things.  Go ahead, make a list of your favorite things and share with others by leaving a comment below!

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you that you give us a list of favorite things that help us feel great and help expand our mind to make good decisions for our future.  You have created us to love life, to love others and to most of all love you.  You are the one who helps us love as you love.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

New Living Translation (©2007) Genesis 27:4
Prepare my favorite dish, and bring it here for me to eat. Then I will pronounce the blessing that belongs to you…

Ephesians 2:10 New International Version (©1984)
For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

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