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Always Room

I have often noticed it doesn’t matter how much you clean out a room, there is always room for more.  I can clean out a space, my desk, drawers or table and it looks fantastic all organized and straight.  However over a short time, things get put right back in that spot and it gets messy again.  It seems no matter how much you clean or organize there is always room for more. More leaves an opening for things, good or unnecessarily.

Our home has always had children running in and out of it for we are blessed with four sons, therefore there are girls and other boys who come in which makes it a little noisy at times, but there has always been room.  Sometimes it has been crowded but we have always had room.  I remember when the boys were school age children and they had friends to spend the night, I had sleeping covers all over their floor in which you couldn’t hardly step into the room in fear of stepping on someone.  I would prepare mickey mouse pancakes and such to surprise them for breakfast and then crash after the cleanup.  It is times I still treasure.  However, my point is even after all these years, I still have room for guest to come and stay in my home, feeding them and making them feel comfortable.

This got me thinking this morning, there is always room.  I haven’t been writing on a daily basis in fear of telling myself it is an addiction or is it discipline.  Is it performance or is it overflow?  The word overflow keeps ringing in my ears, because I want to have so much Jesus in my that it becomes overflow.  I don’t want to do what I do because it is my job, duty, or expectation but I want to do it because it is a natural overflow of what is inside of me.  There is always room for more of Jesus.  No matter how much we clean out our dirty closets, our mindset, our lives or how we organize our daily routines, there is always room for more of Jesus.  Why do we shut Him out?  We let other things replace Him instead of letting Him be a part of everything in our life.  We shouldn’t do what we do because it feeds our love language, our sense of security, our identity, our purpose but we should do what we do because of overflow in Him.  These last few weeks, I have asked myself these very same questions.  I want to minister because of overflow not because of my talent or gifts Jesus has given me to make myself feel better but to expose who Jesus is and what He can do for your life.

As you are reading this today, look into the rooms of your home, your life, your heart and be assured there is always more room for Jesus.  Let Him fill every available space and more every day.  There is more room to expand as He continues to bless you.  Does your life need organizing or cleaned out because it sometimes gets to be a mess?  Time for a clean up and get more of Jesus!  Let Him be the overflow to reach into others lives and give you the peace of knowing your organized and swept clean.

Prayer:  Lord, more of you in my life please…. there is room, always.  I want my life to be an overflow of who you are so others will want to be like you too.  In Jesus name, Amen.

John 15:4 New International Version (©1984)
Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.


3 thoughts on “Always Room”

  1. Acts 13:52 exclaims, “And the disciples were continually filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.” (NAS) There is always room for more filling of God’s presence in our life. I enjoyed your post! More, Lord!

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