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I Wear A Coonskin Cap

Have you ever owned a coonskin cap?  I had one when I was little but I am not for sure if it was my brother’s, mine or something my dad brought back from one of his trips out west.  It was worn when we took off to the woods to swing on grapevines across the gorges and to climb trees not to mention playing bad guy – good guy tag and we use to fight over it.  I am sure it fell apart from being tugged on so much.  It made me think back of how adventurous we were as a child, exploring through the woods and trespassing on others property, climbing over barbed wire fences and wading through the cool streams of the ditches.  We took on the adventure daily of fixing up our own tree house or club in different places.  We created our own Swiss Family Robinson movie.  We would stay out in the woods for hours, never feeling frightened over anything except for an occasional snake.  We never knew if they were poison or not, we just poked them with sticks to chase them away.  I am sure as we crossed over into the field, the cows had their fair share of being aggravated by being chased by us while wearing red to get them to chase us.  There were times where we would just lay in the field pretending to be dead hoping we could get the buzzards to circle in the air over us but it is funny because it never happened.

Today I feel like I am wearing that old coonskin cap.  Back in the days of Daniel Boone, I wonder how he felt as he ventured into new territory.  Was he anxious, worried, scared and excited all at the same time?  Did he make decisions quickly because he was forced to out of fear, or did he just relax by one of the streams to take a breather?  Last week I had quite a time with God.  I was emotional and very much in tune of His presence.  I told my husband I think I am hearing and seeing God in everything as if my senses are heightened by His presence.  I keep telling myself this is normal and God is bringing me up to another level in our relationship together.  Have you ever just been going along, everything seems to be going fine, problems and situations pop up to bring you to your knees again then routine takes over.  Then all of a sudden God switches our direction.BAM!  Slams you down or stops you dead in your tracks, “What are you doing?”  I felt as though He opened another chapter in my life when I finally said to Him, “Yes”.  It wasn’t that it was any big idea or big changing factor or even noticeable, but God shed some light on my thoughts, my behavior pattern and it will ultimately throw me back on the path in which He wants for my life.  I cried, I repented and I know the change that is coming.  I know I have climbed over the barbed wire fence again, crossing over into unknown territory.  I realized life is short to be fussing over the small stuff.  Life is an adventure where we must make decisions based on what God wants for us and our family.  He alone will provide.  As for now, I am wearing the old coonskin cap ready for the adventure!

Prayer:  Thank You Lord for showing me what is important and turning on the little light bulb inside my head.  You have given me much light in the direction you want for me.  You alone are beautiful and my provider in whom I will trust knowing you are with me every step of the way.  Thank You Jesus!  Amen

Psalms 119:59 GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
I have thought about my life, and I have directed my feet back to your written instructions.

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