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Claimed Territory

I was reading in the Old Testament about the Kings of the past.  Some became kings at a very early age and went forth taking territory, claiming land and naming towns.  Some destroyed the temples where they sacrificed to the gods and some didn’t.  Usually when they didn’t destroy the idols or sacrificing temples the enemy overtook the property they once claimed.  This is so true in our world today, not in literal sense but in the spiritual.  If we allow satan to remain in our territory either ignoring him or pushing him to the side, he creeps in to steal, kill and destroy the areas in which we have conquered.  These areas include our mind, our family, our friends and our community.  It starts with our own agendas versus what God has told us to do in the first place.  We get busy and if I don’t take time to slow down in order to be with God, then He usually catches my attention through a life event that brings me to a standstill because the enemy has crept in which I didn’t kill out or where he has found a loop-hole of areas I didn’t completely conquer.

God lets our weakness refine us to make us depend more upon Him.  He will always fight the battle if we let Him and trust Him. I find that He often unfolds His plans over a space of time while I learn not to rush ahead of Him.  God is more concerned with our relationship with Him than our ministry to Him or for Him.  Let us continue to love Him more than anything and when we do, He does the conquering and keeps the enemy out of our mind, family and land.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus today I come to you in humbleness, with a repenting heart to take all that I have for your glory.  Reach down into the depths of all that I have, all that is around me and claim what is yours.  I will trust in you.  In Jesus name!  Amen.

2 Kings 14:3 New International Version (©1984)
He did what was right in the eyes of the LORD……..


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