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Capture Your Thoughts

A mark of spiritual maturity is the ability to examine our thoughts to determine whether they are worthy, healthy, and God honoring.  By allowing God to govern our thoughts we are more able to balance things in our life and find much-needed rest.  If the enemy consumes our mental activity it poisons our desires and robs us of joy, we can become exhausted, frustrated and ill not only physical but also spiritual.  Examine the thoughts you have had today.  What were they and how did they affect you?  How much time did you spend comparing yourself to someone else, feeling sorry for yourself or wishing your life could be better?  Do you worry about tomorrow?  Do you engage in gossip that is destructive and consumes your mind?  We must choose the voice we listen to.  We must carefully decide even when we see or hear something, we must focus on the message it is trying to send into our mind and into our heart.    It is important to take rest when you find yourself overloaded mentally with thoughts that should be thrown in the trash.  How do we focus on the good and not listen to the bad?  Find rest and peace with God.  We should turn every thought and every seed that is put into us over to His power and strength.  I look at most thoughts as either weeds or fruit giving life.  How do I know if my life has been fertilized by weeds?  I feel down, depressed, anxiety, and I question my faith in God.  I also question those who God has put over me or feel angry toward them and others.  I know I have a short fuse, grumpy and I can’t sleep.  How do I know I have been fertilized by positive thoughts or word seeds?  I feel good about myself, can be productive throughout the day, my attitude is happy and people want to be around me. I feel rested and energized, eager to work for the Kingdom.

These three simple things can help you find rest and stay focused on positive and Godly thoughts.

Divert  Daily :  Take a daily break to focus on what God wants you to think about.  Do this while resting, put your feet up on your lunch break or take a 15 min. power nap.

Weekly Withdraw:  Take a break once a day to enjoy a hobby that makes you feel like your good at.  Let your mind be consumed on what you do well and enjoy.  If you can, take a day where you do something you enjoy.  It could be window shopping, a movie, date, alone or with a friend.   Do something that helps you rest, keeps your thoughts focused on one positive thing.

Annually Vacation:  Go on a vacation to abandon your routine to find rest and give yourself a break from others who may be influencing you.

If you rest you will find that you may grow stronger and when you find time to allow God to govern your thoughts you live a much more productive life!

Prayer:  Lord, I focus on you today.  Take every thought captive by your spirit and let my thoughts be consumed by you.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

2 Corinthians 10:5 New American Standard Bible (©1995)
We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.


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