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My Husband Buys Bread

I don’t know why my husband buys bread all the time.  It is everywhere in the kitchen, in my pantry, on the counter and in the fridge.   I know I shouldn’t let him go shopping for groceries cause he will bring homebread even if it is not on the list, along with other junk food or sweets. The other day he brought home a case of pop tarts (bulk)!   When we walk into Panera Bread, he stares at the loaves of the fresh-baked breads and says, “We should get one of those” with a smile as if it is a woman looking at chocolate.  I look at him knowingly that it will not be eaten and know that only a few slices will be taste tested then left on the counter to look pretty and eventually get hard and turn green!

I just looked into my pantry and I have two loaves of bread that hasn’t been opened and they have been there for a week.  There is two packages of Bagels on my counter in which one has not been opened, they were bought the same time as the other bread.  I have never asked him why he wants to buy bread or why he thinks we need it.  What is he thinking?  Please tell me why my husband buys bread?

All this bread goes to waste or to the birds for real.  In fact after a couple of weeks, I will put all of it in a sack and give it to mom to put out for the birds and squirrels she feeds daily.  I don’t know if the looks of the bread is compelling him to buy or the thought that every household needs bread.  In fact, we rarely eat sandwiches, we rarely eat bread!  Would someone please tell me why my husband buys bread?!

I could only come up with this thought.  We do not live by bread alone but by every Word out of the mouth of God.  Maybe bread of life has been etched in his mind he thinks of “bread” all the time.  The meaning is: If it pleases God to sustain by other means than bread, it will be done. His word can be trusted. God fed Israel with manna, sent by his word, and we can trust his promises.  Maybe the bread is a reminder that we should trust in His Word, for it feeds us, gives us promises and faith to believe in God.  Does anyone need a loaf of bread or a package of Bagels?

GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995) Matthew 4:4
Jesus answered, “Scripture says, ‘A person cannot live on bread alone but on every word that God speaks.'”

Prayer:  Lord I thank you for the daily bread!  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


1 thought on “My Husband Buys Bread”

  1. This is a rhetoracle question… Did you two/he ever go through a time when vital suppies for family were uncertain. It’s so precious that he feels that in his heart for your provision! :)!

    No need to post this… just a thought! :)!

    OH Yes and thank you for such a great comment. There were times years ago where we didn’t know where our next meal would come from until God supplied and people just happened to stop by and bring a bag of groceries. God supplied during our famine so now I know the answer to my question… and it is really sweet that my husband has such a heart…. I won’t complain about the abundance of bread, just smile!

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