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Experiencing Iridology

Yesterday I had a new experience.  I went to the Health Food Store and saw a nice 72-year-old man named Ed.  His office was a little cubby hole not much bigger than my closet.  Decorated with charts of the body all over the walls, a small examining table and three different old colored chairs he smiled and asked what I wanted.  I really wanted to say, “Give me a magic pill to take to help me lose weight, give me energy and help me live a stress free life” but I smiled and said, “Just checking out my health”.

Why did I go you may ask.  Maybe out of curiosity since I had a friend who went to him last week and because she had done some missionary work in the past, he told her she had worms or parasites, and she was not to eat sugar to feed them, and also that she needed to lose weight and sent her home with a list of ways to clean out her system.  I also had another friend who suffers greatly with a incurable disease in which an iridologist has helped his pain and problems with supplements of alternative medicine.  Other people warned me of how this was new age practice and questioned why I wanted to go.

Now I had my reservations about the entire deal but always looking for ways to improve my health I thought I would give it a try.  He sat down right in front of me and with a flashlight in which he banged on it to get it to work while mumbling something about children coming in and playing with his things.  He looked into my eyes peering into them with a glass object.  He informed me of the areas I was weak in or may be having trouble.  The usual things such as sinus and stomach trouble and a occassional back ache all in which that could pertain to just about anyone.  He placed several objects in my lap and told me my energy level was messed up as he pushed down my arm. He then touched several places on my body as he talked about vibrations and energy levels.   He then explained that I need to be drinking more water (which I already knew) and that I needed my liver cleaned out.  He told me I was like a car and when put in drive I was actually going backward instead of forward, flip-flopped and unbalanced chemical that lurked in me.  Well if everyone knows me I do go against all odds, like to take risk and as a Christian go in the direction God tells me, so I took it has a positive statement and not a negative one. I am blonde and left handed…haha.

We went on to talk about family and I learned about his experiences growing up in my small town of Sacramento, his war days in the medical field and the memories of his teachers in the old Sacramento School.  I think he was just needing company and something to do instead of retiring.  I walked out of the office with Milk Thistle to clean my liver, Alfalfa Leaf and told to drink 70 oz of water a day.  I paid $50 for the entire experience and bought me a large bottle of water and He told me I could come back in a month for a follow-up if I wanted to.  If anything, I knew I read him very well.  I could tell that he probably smoked growing up, he wasn’t much on relationships, undisciplined in many areas of his life including talking too much instead of listening and that he was lonely inside.  “Lord touch this man to illuminate his mind in knowing you are the answer to all problems.” Now about going back I am unsure, but if this man needs to be witnessed to then the Lord will give me words to say to him next time.  By the way it wouldn’t be the first time I paid someone to witness to them.  In fact I could give you a list of people who have come to church after I paid them for their services, such as my personal trainer.  The training didn’t last long but our friendship and our connections we have with one another is well worth the sacrifice of a few dollars plus her entire family serve Christ and are members of our church.

As far as all you naysayers out there, He didn’t put any curses or practice voo doo on me, chant or pull any energy from me, but as I walked out the door, I said out loud, “I reverse any curses placed on my life” just in case. Iridology has its place in alternative medicine and for some the results seem to be a guessing game, however the advice and the supplements would help anyone trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.  If you got a few dollars to toss into your life for advice on how to live healthier then you should also try it but don’t be surprised if he tells you what you already know and prepare to get your feelings hurt especially if you are overweight.  “Stop drinking coke, exercise, healthy diet, drink more water, no sugar, no caffeine, no salt, no processed food and go organic”.  If you want to know more about Iridology you can google it and find out all kinds of information.

Prayer:  Lord, Help us all to realize how we need to take care of our bodies and we need to be disciplined in areas which bring glory to you.  In Jesus name.  Amen

Luke 11:34 “The eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is clear, your whole body also is full of light; but when it is bad, your body also is full of darkness.

When we look at this Scripture, our eyes are the window to our soul and our eyes have connection with our entire physical being.  It is God’s desire that as our soul prospers our bodies should also prosper.

History and Meaning of Iridology

Iridology has been cited in writings that date back to the times of the early Chinese in 1000 B.C. Native American, Egyptian, and European cultures have played key roles in the continuance of Iridology.  For centuries the eye has been examined for diagnostic purposes. In the late 1900’s, Ignatz Von Peczely and Nils Liljequist independently proposed the theory that the iris can give more precise information on disease. Studying the iris involves closely examining the iris pigmentation, iris markings and Iris coloring that is associated with certain health patterns. Additionally, holistic nutritional counseling is available to further enhance healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Iridology is not used for diagnosis or treatment of disease, but rather a means of assessment for conditions and levels of health. Iridology analysis is not intended to replace a physician’s plan of care, but to bridge modern day medicine with time honored tradition.


3 thoughts on “Experiencing Iridology”

  1. I went to an iridologist years ago and got a lot of stuff that could have helped me! He told me that if I didn’t get my digestion straightened out I was headed for colon cancer just as fast as I could go. I was young in my 20s and didn’t listen and now I am having alot of problems in that area. I wish I had listened but am starting now. So far no cancer thank you Lord!

  2. Thank you Patricia for sharing your story with us. We all had advice when we were young and most of us brushed it away thinking we didn’t need it, however the old saying still holds true, “I wish I knew then what I know now and I would have made better choices”. I remove the curse of you being worried about cancer, cast it away and continue to believe in life in abundance in Jesus Christ.

  3. Your eye doctor can actually detect diabetes and heart conditions by looking into your eyes before your doctor realizes you even have a problem. Do you know that some places are actually using iris scans for security purposes, rather than fingerprinting because our iris are more unique markers than our fingerprints. We always have to remember that God made us and he gave some wisdom in certain areas to better our lives. As long as they are not drawing their wisdom from witchcraft and the powers of darkness, what can it hurt. Much can be determined about your health by looking at your palms and fingernails as well. That doesn’t mean it is wrong. For palm reading to tell your future (which is witchcraft) the Bible tells us not to worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will take care of itself.

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