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Doing What I Need To Do

Do you ever get up in the morning and feel overwhelmed by all the projects and appointments you have for the day?  Stress levels jump and I just want to keep drinking coffee and ignoring the projects hoping they just go away.  But, they don’t.  So, I write the blog of my thoughts just to keep myself insane, cater to my husband with communication time and fix myself something healthy while I ponder on how to get started.  I am normal and I look at my husband who is so disciplined in jogging everyday and keeping his desk cleaned.  I was talking to Lyle the other day about this very same thing.  Our structure of our personality is a lot alike and he has a little of his dad in him too.  We like to do several things or should I say lots of things to keep us busy or keep us from being burnout or bored from one particular project.  On the other hand, Jeff likes to keep it simple with only a few projects, and all his projects stay done and in order, perfection to the T.  I was always trying to keep it simple like him, but then I came to the conclusion that this is not my makeup.

I like how God created me but sometimes it isn’t so easy but I know He made me creative and a leader to accomplish the tasks I have before me.  He allows all kinds of ideas to float around in my head, but it is I who must choose wisely whether or not to add them into my lifestyle.  Today and everyday seems to fly by with time passing so fast as I get older.  I know I must use time wisely and to my advantage but it is not always a motivator.  My motivation sometimes comes through a monster drink, coffee or Claritin D.  Don’t judge me, I am not Wonder Woman and I do need a mental and physical boost every now and then.  Prayer time, quiet time and exercise time is always needed and if not planned into my day it doesn’t happen until I crash in my bed late at night.

The other day someone asked me, “How do you do what you do”.  I said, “Just do it” with a little help from my family, friends and others who encourage me.  I have a sanguine personality and my love language is Words of Affirmation.  So, if this tells you anything, I like to have fun and I like getting compliments!  I also am an Administrator or other words, I like to tell people what to do, teach and have little mercy.  You can laugh if you want but sometimes I need to feel loved and this is how I function and reach others.  My husband knows me to well and I am thankful he is very patient with me and all my projects and involvement in everything I get myself in to.  When I found out that I needed more mercy in my gifts, I put myself through counseling school and volunteered at a local pregnancy center for two years.  Although I am a Board Certified Biblical Counselor now, I have learned to love more, listen more and not be so wound up with orders.  As I get older, I think I seem to mellow out more with people but I really believe it has to be because my relationship with God has grown.  It is through Him and getting more of Him in me that makes a difference in how I relate to others.

OK, now since you know a little about my thoughts today, the statement still remains:  Doing What I Need To Do is still waiting for me.  Photography, luncheon Date with a Friend, Manicure and Pedicure, Wash clothes, clean house, dinner with friends, answer email and sleep.  In the morning: all the other projects wait patiently.

Prayer;  Lord, You are with me always and I love how you have given me the ability to multi-task. Help me know what to do, when to do it and give me the energy to do it.   You are awesome and you are the biggest part of my life!  I love you!  In Jesus name.  Amen.


1 thought on “Doing What I Need To Do”

  1. I’m feeling your pain…and with 3 kids at home for the summer, I feel all I’m managing to get done is all the food they require…still working on getting the blog posts in my head out into the computer screen…love you and you rock! 😉

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