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The Attic

What is in your attic?  Mine is full of things that I treasure from the children and things that really could be thrown or given away.  Why do we keep those old home interior pictures or outdated decor?  I guess if we hold on to it long enough it becomes cool again twenty years later and we have the real retro stuff.  The attic, a spooky dark place hiding lots of treasures and memories of days gone by along with spiders and a few mice trails.  It seems like I can clean out my attic and it gets messy again because we keep throwing stuff into it.  Another organizing project, but too hot in the summer months, can’t get to it in the fall, the winter it’s too cold and in the spring I have too much other stuff to do.  The attic sits quietly in stillness just waiting to be discovered and memories to relive.

Last night I had a dream about the attic.  I was in a house and notice the ceiling was bubbling in spots like we had a leak in the roof.  I went outside on the back porch and noticed the ground was soaked from rain, along with the back porch.  I dug trenches in the mud to get the water away from the house and went back into the house to go back up into the attic.  There in my attic was three people who had been living there for four months.  I was surprised to see how they survived, but they told me they would come down when we were not at home to eat and such.  I wasn’t mad or angry and I only knew the boy.  His last name was Woodburn.  The girls had run away from their home, teens who had escaped bad home life.  I had called the authorities, and told the girls that I would take them to school, prayed over their safety to return back to their parents home.  I remember they were scared but when they were reunited with their mom they seemed happy.  I had to dig through the mud so to speak to make the ceiling stop leaking.

Now, don’t think I ate too much pizza last night but many times dreams are very symbolic and God always tries to speak to us in dreams.  I called Stephanie to help me interrupt.  The attic is history.  Somewhere in my history has been a ministry to help troubled teens who want to escape.  If I did not find them, they “would burn”.  In other words, they would be lost without salvation.  I fed and housed them without even knowing it and I made sure they were educated and reunited with the family who loves them.  God is allowing the leak to come through by the insight of water, which is symbolic to the spirit of God.  God is trying to tell me to dig through the mud and see what He has reminded me of a past ministry history.  I started in ministry as a Youth Director.  My next passion was to help women deal with pregnancy crisis and help those find a home to live in if they were over the age of 18.  One of my past goals was to open such a home to women, to educate them, to help them find a place to get back on the right track and find salvation doing it.  Maybe God’s spirit is trying to tell me not to forget about that once lived passion of mine.  I am saying, OK God not my agenda but yours.  There is a need for homes as such.  My heart is to go where God wants me.

Prayer:  Lord I thank you for the dreams and visions and for your ever-loving Spirit to bring us back into the passion that once stirred us.  You are amazing and I praise you for it!  In Jesus name!  Amen!

2 Peter 1:12 International Standard Version (©2008)
Therefore, I intend to keep on reminding you about these things, even though you already know them and are firmly established in the truth that you now have.

I want to personally thank my friend who allowed me to take pictures of her pregnancy and use it as an example for my blog of women who face crisis everyday.


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