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Caitlin’s Wearing Chicken

I love it when people tell funny stories about themselves.  We all have those most embarrassing moments when we want to just crawl in a hole or we can do for the most part is just laugh it off.  I told Caitlin that I must write about this story too because not only the shampoo story was a big success but this one is also hilarious!

Caitlin stopped by to see a friend just to chat before going to the mall.  Brennan gave her a small amount of chicken salad to eat, just the right portion in which Caitlin was thrilled of the small quantity since we are all watching our food intake.  She gobbled it right up and went on to the mall.  Walking in the mall, through different stores she was determined to get her nails done.  As she entered the store in her quite bubbly self she had sent me a text to tell me that she missed me and wished I was with her.  Just two weeks ago we had went together so it made it a girl time.  This time however, alone she sat all chipper, smiling and talking to the Asian man doing her nails.  Both chatting and cheering as the world cup was showing on TV.  If anyone has ever got their nails done, then you know it is not a short process.  Thirty minutes lapsed and it was time for her to go into the washroom to wash off her nails to prep them for the painting process.  When she looked into the mirror she was horrified of what she saw.  A large hunk of chicken piece was perched upon her chest like she had put it there as if it was a pinned accessory.  She quickly flicked it off into the trash, thinking quickly back to all the people she had talked to within the hour and wondered why the heck no one told her that she was wearing chicken salad on her chest.  It wasn’t like a little spill after you eat something but a large piece of chicken I might add.  How many people noticed?  How many people thought it was quite strange a young pretty lady walking around with a hunk of meat on her front side?  She was embarrassed and humiliated but she had to laugh at herself and face the salon man again.

Why is it people would rather not tell you when you have something in your teeth, or hanging out your nose, or food on your face?  I would much rather someone tell me than not to tell me and then I find out like Caitlin when I look into the mirror and see how ridiculous I looked.  Don’t you?

Sometimes the enemy would love to flash our past around like we are wearing it for everyone to notice. Just as the chicken salad, it too will fade from people’s mind but it is however in our mind that we relive the incident that embarrassed us or made us foolish. Many times the enemy would love for us to remember those times where we made an unwise decision, mistake or mess up.  It is up to us to clean up our mess and not only forget it but also learn from it and have the right mindset to bury the incident.  Our mindset should be looking into the future and have a vision of where God wants us not relive our past mistakes to make us feel beaten down and embarrassed or wonder who all knows or has seen us at our worse.  This is why it is so important to renew our mind daily with the mind of Jesus Christ.  I am not talking about wearing chicken salad folks but wearing your past embarrassing mistakes and reliving your sins again and again.  As Christians, let us go above and beyond the normal life and face ourselves in the mirror.  We all make mistakes, we all embarrass ourselves, we all get a good laugh and cry but in the end we will be wearing the white of victory and satan himself can wear the chicken salad!

Romans 12:2 GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995)
Don’t become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wants-what is good, pleasing, and perfect.

Prayer:  Lord I know it is you who forgives and forgets our past mistakes and it is up to us to forgive ourselves.  Help us everyday to renew our mind with purpose and vision for building up one another and growing your kingdom.  I praise you Lord for having great mercy!  In Jesus Name. Amen.

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