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Define Stupid

There have been times when we have done something and we tell ourselves, that was real stupid.  Stupid things come in forms of actions, words and thoughts.  Stupid is the opposite of being smart and disciplined.  Even after we become Christians there will be times we do stupid things or say things in which we didn’t really think them out.  OK I am using the word “stupid” too many times but trying to make a point.

When I was growing up, my Mother would not let us use the word stupid.  It was degrading and hurtful because most of the time we used it when we were mad at cousins or siblings.  Stupid defined is a lack of intelligence, careless manners, slow mind, unreason thinking or acting out.  Stupid is also defined as failure to use cognitive abilities, the opposite of smart, and mindlessness.

Most of the time we use the word stupid is used for something that we really didn’t think about the consequences of our actions, didn’t really know the truth or lost our mind for a split second.  I remember one time asking my mother about a picture of my great grandparents on the wall.  I asked her “How long had he been dead when they took the picture?”.  She laughed at me and told me, “Not long cause his eyes were propped open”.  We both started laughing and I felt really stupid, but what I meant to say was, “How long after that picture was taken did he pass away?”  So in this case I just got my words twisted around and got called a ‘blonde’.  Sometimes our words come out before we think and this is not always wise and can be awkward at times leaving us feeling really dumb.

The boys once lit a firecracker and dropped it down into a glass coke bottle.  Guess what happened?  Bomb Class 101 in session, explosion, glass all over the room and I am screaming, “THANK Jesus no one got hurt!”  Really stupid.  Bryson painted Jordan’s face with Bright red model car paint, yep very stupid.  Eyebrows and eyelashes red for a month.  Jumping off 12ft deck when I was a child, thinking umbrella will float me down like a parachute, no Mary Poppins won’t work there….stupid.  Try to drive through flood waters in van, stupid.  Letting the boys pull a sled behind their go-cart, stupid.  Using an entire bag of charcoal on a gas grill, stupid.  Buying a pure Angora sweater thinking it was on sale for only $10 then when got home looked at receipt, $100… stupid, (I took it back).  Driving without a seat belt fastened, stupid.  Allowing children to play with scissors unsupervised, stupid.  Locking the car door before getting your child out, with the keys still in the car, stupid.  Leaving the car running or keys in ignition with children playing outside, stupid (cost $1200). The list of stupid things is endless but funny to recap.

There are times when we choose to be stupid when it comes to making decisions or refusing to listen to the Spirit of God telling us to do something.  If God’s voice tells you to stop, don’t do an action but we go ahead and do it anyway, then we become stupid.  This form of stupid is just plain out disobedience.  We like to say, “Practice Immediate Obedience”.  What about purchasing an item, credit card debts and then not being able to afford it…again stupid.  What about gossip or slandering someone….stupid.

Being stupid from lack of ignorance is another thing and being stupid for lack of discipline is another.  Knowing to do the right thing and not doing it is stupid.  Stupid is not choosing to learn and be obedient to the voice of God.  Stupid is refusing to change our lifestyle and our attitude when we know we should.  Stupid is refusing to be teachable.  Stupid is choosing to sin over living righteous and holy.  Those who are so foolish as to choose the way of sin, are justly left of God to themselves, to go on in the way to destruction, in other words people can choose unfortunately to be stupid.

What makes things so great is God is a big God and He is willing to forgive our stupid mistakes, attitudes and unwise actions and decisions.  Let us put the word “stupid” out of our life and our vocabulary for it has no place in abundant living.

Would love for you to share some of the “stupid” things you may have done to give us all a laugh, just write in the comment box below.

Proverbs 5 23 He will die for his lack of discipline and stumble around because of his great stupidity.

Prayer:  Lord, I know I have done some pretty stupid things in my life.  Please forgive me and teach me obedience, holiness and righteous living.  Renew my mind daily with your thoughts and your ways.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


3 thoughts on “Define Stupid”

  1. Well, mercy! LOL I got many to pick from that is for sure!

    The first one that popped into my head was…
    Cold, very cold, blustery day. I’m at a graveside service in my sister’s car. (not sure where my car was that day) Everyone getting in vehicles to leave cemetery. I go to the car, push the button on the keychain…you know another one of those buttons we’ve all gotten so used to? Nothing happens! Door does not unlock! People are waiting for me to get in and move along as everyone else in front of me is doing. I am freakin and freezin in my wool skirt and very high heeled boots! (cold, but ground not frozen) I go runnin back up the hill hollerin for my friend’s husband. I tell Johnny what the deal is and he says nothin, just takes the key from me and keeps walkin toward the car…puts the key into the lock on the side of the door, turns it, opens the door and looks at me and grins! LOLOL DUH!!! See what I mean about another button we are all accustomed to pushing! LOL I then went hysterical with laughter…and just a tid bit of embarrassment. Ya gotta know Johnny…he never said nothin…just kept grinnin at me as I continued to plead with him not to tell a soul of that incident! LOLOL But…he did! LOLOL

  2. I have done too many stupid things to count. One of the smart decisions I have made was receiving the love that Jesus Christ has for me. Another smart decisions was reading this blog, wow, all I can say is GREAT TIMING. I really needed to absorb the truths you posted on here. Blessings to you.

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