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Shout To Victory

Sunday night we had an incredible service with Angela Greenig.  She is a little fireball spitting out words that produced victory in the spiritual battlefield.  She ministered and imparted gifts into quite a few folks.  If you have never been in a shouting/worship/battle service before, it would have surprised the dickens out of you for sure because being with her is far from traditional.  She is open and honest and the real deal telling her testimony and pleading the blood over all.  She tells the religious spirits to get out the door and throws GI Joes to the congregation telling us all to suit up with armor and pull out our swords, get ready for battle.  She calls to war against the enemy for as Christians we have sat in pews long enough.

Today you may think or call it crazy but I know who holds the key to victory.  It is not giving up but staying strong even when we are wounded.  The front line in the battle may not be the resting point in our lives but it is better than being lost in the ditches of complacency, lethargic and full of bitterness, judgemental and jealousy.  I choose to war and call others to rise up and claim what is rightfully  is ours.  Daughters and Sons of the Most High it is time to see justice strike and make a difference in the world we live in!

GOD’S WORD® Translation (©1995) Ephesians 6 10Finally, receive your power from the Lord and from his mighty strength. 11Put on all the armor that God supplies. In this way you can take a stand against the devil’s strategies. 12This is not a wrestling match against a human opponent. We are wrestling with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world. 13For this reason, take up all the armor that God supplies. Then you will be able to take a stand during these evil days. Once you have overcome all obstacles, you will be able to stand your ground. 14So then, take your stand! Fasten truth around your waist like a belt. Put on God’s approval as your breastplate. 15Put on your shoes so that you are ready to spread the Good News that gives peace. 16In addition to all these, take the Christian faith as your shield. With it you can put out all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Also take salvation as your helmet and the word of God as the sword that the Spirit supplies.18Pray in the Spirit?your[ spirit.”> in every situation. Use every kind of prayer and request there is. For the same reason be alert. Use every kind of effort and make every kind of request for all of God’s people.] 19Also pray that God will give me the right words to say. Then I will speak boldly when I reveal the mystery of the Good News.

Prayer:  O Lord I stand, suited to fight in this battle of life, declaring victory, healing, salvation to all those who hear the call.  Let us join forces and draw the sword to knock down the walls of our rightful inheritance taking back from the enemy the territory that once belonged to us!  We march together, we fight together and we win together.  Who shall be against us with you King Jesus on our side for I pity those who choose not to be on the battle field of victorious conquerors.  Let us pull them out of darkness and expound your Love over them so the blinders may be taken off their eyes to see you, to know you and to believe you!  In Jesus Name.  Amen!


2 thoughts on “Shout To Victory”

  1. GOOD Morning Melissa!

    Girl, I got so much going on inside me I don’t know if I can say it all or if this comment box would even give me the space to say it all!

    I have had some awesome experiences in my 30 years of striving to walk with the Lord, but last night I had an experience at the time of impartation that I have never had before and I don’t even intend to try and find words to explain to myself or anyone else! 🙂 I just know what I saw, heard and sensed/felt! Something new! Something mighty! Something that took me down to my knees…in a different way than I have ever went to my knees before! I remember for a brief moment thinking shut your mouth, you probably look like you’re catching flies, but I couldn’t! I know that sounds funny and or weird, but it is the truth! I was actually thankful that someone came and placed a natural covering over me because I know that helped me to stay in that secret place without my natural mind rambling thinking that someone might be staring at me! LOL Which I know they weren’t, but you know how our minds are.

    Anyway, sister…I am with you in this war!
    “I choose to war and call others to rise up and claim what is rightfully ours. Daughters and Sons of the Most High it is time to see justice strike and make a difference in the world we live in!”

    I have searched for years for this particular platoon of soldiers in God’s army and Glory to God He led me right to them back last summer! I believe He placed me right where I am for such a time as this! May I ever be equipped and ready in season and out! The Word of God, my sword is sharp, but this is my thoughts for myself…yes the Word is sharp, but would there be a possiblity that it could become dull even though it is the WORD…I think so…therefore help me Holy Spirit to keep it sharp by wielding it daily! And as much as Angela’s word last night made me reel and go whooooaaaaaa….”if my sword doesn’t have blood on it at the end of the day…I have accomplished nothing.” (think that was it) msn, oh msn…whew…for 2 years now…my sword has been pretty bloody at the end of each day and OK I was whining about that a little…wondering why Lord, why does it seem these people are against me or why are all these little troubles and hinderances coming my way…when all along some people were telling me it was proof I was doing something right…JESUS! Glory to God! I now see that bloody sword in a totally different light!

    Like you Melissa…I got a message in me this morning…I got messages a lot of days…but I am not an educated, trained writer…but God’s helping me…I’m better at it than when I first began back in 2000. I love the Lord Jesus and I am FREE in Him and it is my desire to see everyone, but most especially women completely and wholly free! For them to know that they are SOMEBODY IN Christ Jesus!!

    OK…I am hushing now…I hardly slept any last night…I am running on pure high octane HOLY GHOST right now! LOLOL

    Love you Melissa, don’t know you all that well, but I love you sister! Thankful our paths crossed and happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this fight!

  2. Three of those GI Joes landed at my feet. I gave 1 away and I’m keeping 2 to remind me that we always need to wear our armor. The enemy IS defeated!

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