Abundant life, faith, prayer, Salvation

Obedience to Faith

In my daily reading today I think back on how God’s love is so real, faithful and true.  I reflect His goodness and His mercy to forgive us of our sin.  When we read the third chapter of Romans it is not the object of obeying the law but by having faith in Jesus Christ we are being obedient to His law.  None of us are perfect and there is no way we can be but strive to be.  We have shortcomings and emotions that sometimes get out of control even if we do call ourselves Christians we cannot please everyone.  Only through Jesus Christ and living for Him can we know and find the peace we may be looking for and be the example of Him who died for our freedom and to know the Savior.

New Living Translation (©2007) Romans 3

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I thank you for your blood, your death, your pain, your resurrection power in which you did this all for not only the entire world but also me.  You are always faithful and have a never-ending love that astounds me in all my thinking.  I love you Lord, honor, glorify and praise you for who you are.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


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