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Don’t Make Daddy Mad

I remember growing up as a child, my mother would always tell me, “Don’t make daddy mad”.  I think it was a way to warn me to watch my attitude and my sassy mouth.  My Dad had a temper, although I don’t even remember him spanking us or even threatening us with a beating, but I do remember him saying something about getting his belt out.  Mom for most part did the discipline at our home and she ignored us for the most of the time as we got older.  However, I do remember having to go cut our own switches to be swatted with and the whelps and stings on bare little legs in the summer time was a big ouch!  My dad worked all day and when he came home expected us children to be in order and to have dinner together without any disruption.  Different generation than today for sure.  My Dad loved us but he also expected us to live my the rules of the home, help out and be respectful.

As we are on our journey down the Roman road this week, lets look at the second chapter:

Romans 2 New Living Translation (©2007)

Paul writing to the Jewish people could have very well been writing to Christians or to the “I am saved” of today.  Just because we may call ourselves believers doesn’t mean we are entitled to privileges by right when there is a unthankful, rebellious, unteachable and an unholy heart within.  Sometimes just because a person is saved or has accepted Jesus into their life it may take  a lifetime for them to change their old habits, lifestyle or attitude.  People can clean up on the outside but still have a very messy inside heart and if the heart is rotten on the inside it will be a matter of time when the outside manifests.    People can repent from their sins but not be converted and that is the difference that is why it takes so long for them to actually change.  People who walk around judging others or who display unchristian lifestyle may have only asked for forgiveness but not been converted however they are still part of the family. Our own fruit of the spirit should kick in when it comes to dealing with disobedient family members.

Do you also remember when you were small when your parents made you tell someone “sorry”.  You may have done it with a tone of voice but really did not mean it.  We can ask for forgiveness because we know sin needs to be confessed but it doesn’t mean we really have changed our ways or heart if not truly converted or changed.  Just like the disobedient child in the family, things don’t always go unpunished, maybe ignored for a time but when daddy got home, the consequences of actions was rewarded or given.

When people who call themselves Christians refuse to act and live like one, it hurts the entire body and makes the non-believers not want to be a part of the family.

As believers we should set an example for others to follow.  How do we stop this madness of others calling believers a hypocrite?  Don’t make Daddy mad!  We all live together in the home, we should just do what is right, live right and have a good heart with love.  The secret services will be rewarded but the secret sins will be punished, and brought out to the open. Just like our daddy here, our heavenly Father wants us to love, be obedient and grow to make Him a proud Daddy.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, I want to be an example of your love and your actions, showing others how to live without judging, without self-righteous attitudes but with love, peace and mercy.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


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