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Traveling The Roman Road

While traveling a couple of years ago I went to Israel and while exploring Biblical sites, we went into a Roman city called Bet Shean.  The road going through the city was just amazing and I couldn’t have imagined how it looked during its time for it was so beautiful even today.

Beit Shean (Beth Shean) was a major Biblical city, located in the center of crossroads between the Jordan valley and the Jezreel valley. It later was expanded into a large Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine city of Scythopolis. The large city was leveled by a massive earthquake in the 8th C AD.

The colonnaded Palladius street extends  from the theater to the foothills of the ancient Tell, 150M from south to north.  The street was built in the Roman period, and restored during the Byzantine period. On both sides of the 24M paved street was a raised roofed sidewalk with shops and  public houses.

I remember the first time I heard the story about the Roman Road and the saved by grace teaching.  The first time I heard it I was open to it for I wanted to learn yet in a way of still having the mindset of I had to “be” and “do” good to obtain righteousness in all the while my faith was growing.  In these next few days my studies are going to be an adventure of really finding out what it means to travel the roman road and saved by grace.

Before we began please click on the link and read the first chapter of Romans.  << Romans 1 >>

If we can apply this first chapter to our lives, how do we accept this letter from Paul as he was writing directly to us or we writing directly to new believers?

Did you know you have been chosen by God to do His work?  Did you know that the good news is all about the power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?  We all talk about the “good news” and know we are supposed to grasp the concept, we know and we believe in what the Bible says but do we apply it to our daily lives and live it out?  I am  not talking about the law for the law was given to reveal our sin and we cannot as humans keep the law 100% for the law only lets us know we are failures by it.  However God gives us a new hope, not to sin, for God hates sin but loves us the sinner.  Our actions prove we love Him yes, but we don’t earn salvation by what we “do”.  We receive salvation for believing in Jesus Christ and accepting his resurrection, His life and His actions of showing us how to live in this dispensation of power, grace and mercy.

We should believe there is grace and peace for us to obtain and that these are obtainable if we believe.  I have met some people who just don’t believe they can have peace in the home much less grace.  It comes when we die out to self and serve only Christ with all of our heart, not just part or when we feel like it.  I like to call it “sold out”.  Being sold out is not all about what I can’t do but what I want or don’t want to do.  I don’t look at the negative of law but push forward in the power of the resurrection that I can do through this power God gives me.  It is through faith that people can call themselves righteous.  Righteous is standing right before God not others not just trying to obey the law.

We can become hurt by looking at people and allowing people to look at us because of our failures or past mistakes.  If we allow this, we cannot grow in faith and our peace is hindered.  Our focus should be upon having a daily conversation, meditation and listening to His voice to guide us.  Jesus should be our best friend.  If we focus on pleasing Him, then my friend others will not be the issue nor would judge other people.  We all get hurt but getting hurt should be a stepping stone to get closer to God, not back away with criticism because there are good people in the world trying to reach the same goal.  Not all people lie, steal, envy, have jealously, gossip or be so proud they are snobs.  When we understand walking the Roman road, it is rising above all the circumstances life brings along with what people may throw your way.  People will be people and people have faults.  Let God be God and let Him rule in our lives to bring us to another level of faith.

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you for opening my eyes while traveling this road into greater understanding of what you have for us.  Give me wisdom, direction, peace and mercy as I allow you to lead me, fill me and guide me.  In Jesus name.  Amen.


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