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Drinking Problem?

I had to write about this because I laughed so hard and thought about all the crazy stuff we sometimes do without thinking.  Caitlin had went to visit her family in Austin Texas this past week.  She was walking with her mom shopping in the downtown area and getting quite thirsty but before stopping to get a drink she spotted an elite fancy spa.  If you know Caitlin at all she loves spa’s and loves hair products, make-up and all the things that look pretty in those little decorative bottles.  She also loves to smell them!

As she and her mother made their way into the spa, she was awed at all the products, carefully taking them off the shelves and opening them up to smell them.  I am sure we are not supposed to open a product, but who doesn’t right?   Her mother was in another aisle browsing unaware of what was going to take place.  All of a sudden, a man with an accent came over lifted Caitlin’s long hair and complemented how beautiful her hair was and telling her she should try this type of product.  Now, Caitlin in her own little world of getting lost in the smells of the shampoo and wanting to purchase everything that smells good regardless of the cost, was startled by a stranger playing with her hair.  She had been caught with an open product!  Standing there with the top in one hand and holding the bottle in another as she turned to look at the sales person, she did what most of us wouldn’t even dream of doing.    She took a drink of the shampoo, like it was a water bottle.  Ok, you can laugh cause I am still laughing hysterically at this scene!

She then put the top back on, set the bottle on the shelf.  The sales person with a snarling look and puzzled at her reaction asked her, “Would you like a sample?”  He was just as surprised and confused at her reaction as she was of her actions herself.  Embarrassed with shampoo still on her lips, she replied with a quickly “no thank you” and forwarded herself to find her mother.  The sales people quickly followed her around keeping an eye on the so-called “shampoo drinker” in fear I am sure she would sample all their products!  Or they could believe she was going to swipe something off the shelf to place in her little brown bag and go sit on the park bench along with all the homeless people.  I couldn’t even imagine taking not just a little sip I might add, but a gulp of shampoo!

I asked her what was she thinking at that moment and she replied, “I wasn’t”.  She was surprised by a stranger with his hands in her hair, she was thirsty and confused I might add.

This all goes to show you that we all do things with thinking!  So, if you see Caitlin don’t be surprised to find bubbles coming out of her mouth or better yet, you know what to get her for Christmas or for her birthday…shampoo.  Please make sure it looks pretty and smells terrific cause she like her breath to smell like strawberries too.  Sorry Cait, had to tell this one. 🙂

Prayer:  Lord help us get over and recover from the dumb stuff we find ourselves doing.  Give us the freedom to laugh at ourselves and tell our stories to bring joy to many people. Amen.

Proverbs 27:9 New American Standard Bible (©1995)
Oil and perfume make the heart glad, So a man’s counsel is sweet to his friend.


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