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Let God Speak Into Your Life

As I was sitting in church yesterday and saw so much passion in my husband while he was preaching, it stirred my soul.  The conviction of the Spirit moved through the congregation and through my own heart.  People sat on the edge of their seat with eyes wide open grasping every word in direction of God speaking to them.  I have been asked, “How do you know God is really speaking or compelling you to do or say something”.  I can say this from my experience as I am moved to tears and my emotions are heightened.  My heart starts beating fast and all I want to do is kneel in His presence or run to the altar and be obedient.

I sometimes let my mind run in different directions and not always hear what my husband is saying.  Sometimes I am not engaged in the service because of  sitting for an hour or so and we think about lunch or other things but yesterday was different. It was a focused service totally on what God is wanting from us.  Spiritual grounds have been conquered and the enemy doesn’t like it, so much warfare has been going on in peoples minds and also in their families.  We all know how the enemy wants us to divide and lay down and give up.   God has purposed to bring things to us to enhance our minds and works for him.  Is church and worship service important?  Yes, because it allows God to speak into your life.  Through every daily circumstance God gives us opportunities to hear from him but are we focused on ourselves or really listening to God.

Prayer:  Lord I thank you that you have given me a desire to be faithful and committed to your work and to our relationship.  You are always with me and you always speak to me in different ways.  I believe and trust in you.  In Jesus name.  amen.


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