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The Difference in Shoes

I love shoes and what woman doesn’t?  Recently I cleaned out my closet and had over fifty pair, I hate to admit that even some of them I haven’t worn very much but I keep them anyway for the certain outfit that I also don’t ever wear.  I sometimes choose to be a spontaneous buyer but now I think as I get older it is not so necessary to have so many different shoes.  I always heard, “If you walk in others shoes, you might see it in a different way”.  This is so true and it brings us to a paradigm shift.   We often make quick judgements on someone else or try to read their minds when we get frustrated with people however we really don’t know what is going on in their life that caused the action we may be upset with or judging.  If we put ourselves in their shoes, we might have a different perspective.  Shoes come in all shapes, forms and sizes.  We all have opinions, likes, dislikes and our own judgements whether if it is about shoes or people.

Many seasons come and go but it is essential convictions hold in the times of chaos.  Despite extreme pressure we must remain constant and stay successful in whatever we do.  God creates people to succeed, not fail.  It is the wrong principles that fail us.  That is why embracing God’s principles turns curses into blessings in marriages, homes, churches, communities and nations. We continue to preach and teach others to live by God’s principles but for some reason people believe we are only telling them to gain from it.  When the truth is, they will be blessed!  A shift must take place in the kind of thinking and then will God bless your efforts.   The benefits come to those who are a doer of the word, not just hearers.  Distress and heartbreak fill our world and as a result people search for and crave enjoyable lives, meaningful relationships and purpose for their lives.  However our quest for these things is backward because we try to fix our lives by our own willpower and continue to allow negative or lost people to influence us.  If only we could just choose to live by God’s principles and be involved in right relationships the blessing God has in store for us might appear sooner than we think.

As we embark upon summer months coming up, I am sure some of us will go out and by flip-flops, sandals or tennis shoes and as we are trying them on, just remember everyone puts on shoes every day so let us not be quick to judge others by their appearance, actions or decisions they might make.  I hope we take care of our own closets instead of trying to get in someone else’s.  If you adventure into someone’s closet, then wear their shoes for a day and you might learn things in a different way, good and bad.  If you learn to walk in the shoes of Jesus, then my friend you learn to love beyond what the world may offer or say and they never wear out.

Prayer:  Lord I pray that I hold my tongue and keep my opinions to myself when it comes to speaking against my neighbor because of their actions or hear say.  I pray that I use wisdom in knowing how to deal with situations, people and circumstances that fall into my path each day.  Let me have compassion and understanding when my thoughts turn astray from your Word.  In Jesus Name.  Amen

Deuteronomy 29:5 New Living Translation (©2007)
For forty years I led you through the wilderness, yet your clothes and sandals did not wear out.


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