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I Saw An Angel

Preparing my message for the AWCF World Congress in Louisville, God spoke to me very clearly and as I proclaimed this at the end of my message yesterday, I had several request to post it.  Let us listen and proclaim His Kingdom!  While I was standing there on stage glaring at women from around the world, I was startled at the man standing beside me on stage.  I thought he had come to bring me a new microphone and could see him out of my peripheral vision.  However, as I turned to look to see what he was doing there was no one there.  I smiled as I knew there were people praying for me back home and He was just there to help me.  As I sat down after speaking, I felt his presence behind me and smiled.  He was a fat angel with a big belly.  It was really funny, cause God knows how to make me laugh.

Hear what God is saying:

My people are blind to the madness, to the love, to the poverished, to the city of strangers.  People refuse to see me working in the plans and in the lives of others.  Where is your God?  Where are the fruits?  Where is the infallible love toward mankind?  Hear people who call themselves mine!  Stand up and arise for I have blessed you.  I have overcome all the little things in your life that has tormented you and caused you harm and fear.  Rise up and walk, step into the faith of your destiny and be a people who allow me to work through their hands and their mouth.  Do not slumber, I wipe the salve, the clay from your eyes for you have been called for a purpose, you have been destined to be a world changer.  You have been selected as people to be mightily used by God.  Reveal yourself to the world this day and proclaim my love, my salvation and my abundance!  Do not return to the world with its attitudes, its judgmental conditions.  Arise and awake for you have been healed and you have been delivered of the blindness that has kept you in the dark for so many years!  As you walk you will know my heart, you will see through my eyes, you will know compassion for you have my heart.  Awake o warriors who stand in the gap, cry aloud for the melting down of hardness.  Stand up you people who know my voice, who lives and walks in freedom, peace and holiness.  You cannot have peace without holiness.  You cannot have holiness without peace.  Freedom, hear the voices cry out and allow his spirit to move thorough you.  Get lost in me says God, let me use you and your voice.  Know my voice, know my spirit, receive ye my power.  I breathe upon you and wipe away all tears of unforgiveness, anger and resentment of the past.  Failures have been stepping stones for your faith and the work I have planned out for you.  Get ready!  You are prepared you have been destined!  Don’t think change is not of me, for I have ordained things that are far above your understanding.  Are you ready to wake up and run!   Wake up and See!  It is released!

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