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While I Am Still Here

Have you ever thought about the legacy you are leaving behind?  Right before Jesus healed the blind man, he told those around him , “While I am still here, I give it my light”.  While we are still here, what light will we shine forth?  What is the light?  The light is proclaiming the good news, doing what is right, living right, talking right and acting right and encouraging others to do the same.  While we are still here on the earth there are chances for more people to be saved, more time given to reach out to the lost and hurting world.  While we are still here, there is time to change and make a difference.  Jesus only had three short-lived years in the manifestations of his ministry but he lived righteous all his life.  Even though his life on earth as a human was short it impacted not only the entire world at that time but also for the future.  I believe we too can let our light shine while we are still here to impact future generations.

Have faith and believe you can be a world changer.  Jesus lives on the inside of you!  You are the light.  Walk, do and live for others, then my friend you will know what it feels like to really live and love as Jesus did.  Be the light for all those who continue to walk around blindly.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I pray that whatever opportunity you have for us everyday, we will always shine while we are here.  Let us shine in a way to make a difference in the generations to come.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

John 9:5  Douay-Rheims Bible
As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

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