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My Great Husband

I hope every woman who is married can say the same.  I am married to a wonderful man and in a lot of ways ‘perfect’ in which I sometimes struggle to keep up with.  He has taught me over the years to focus on a task, see it through and not to be negative about situations.  It seems as over the last twenty-nine years we have known each other we have rubbed off and have integrated into each other’s soul.  Now, don’t think I am bragging but I know some who would see my husband far from perfect and would not even think of living with him.  He is compulsive about a clean floor but could care less about the dust.  He makes the bed every morning, not because I don’t do it right but just because he likes to do it, with all the wrinkles out of it.  He is controlling at times but isn’t all men?  He picks up his clothes, keeps his closet clean, vacuums the floors, takes care of the yard, cars and all financial matters, leads us all spiritually and has a giving heart.  Whew, I have a great man!  On the flip side, he doesn’t cook or do dishes, bummer uh?  He does like to get his way and he does have a strong opinion when coming to decisions but as of most of us, we can persuade our man to ‘change his mind’ if you know what I mean, say “Amen”.  You can smile at that one!  Never the less, I have a great man.

Yesterday I was exhausted from the yard sale we had at the church.  At the end of the day, a large truck from the Widows and Orphans Store came and picked up all our leftovers, except for a few totes filled with children’s clothes. Another person volunteered to sell them at another sale and the Battle of Sacramento sale, for Mercy 29.  So, my great husband grumbled about picking up the totes and having to load them into the back of the truck.  Since we both drove, he left before I did and as I was coming across the levy, there he was stopped in the middle of the road and he wasn’t happy.  He had stopped twice already cause the tote lids had come off.  He mumbled and popped off something about Pastors having to do stuff like this.  I laughed and of course kissed him when we got home to make him feel better.

We drove to the Metro church after cleaning up, meeting Lyle and Caitlin there.  We walked over to the small Bistro Cafe across the downtown area.  We had dinner outside, it was warm with a cool breeze and the food was fantastic!  We then ventured down to the local small coffee shop to be entertained by a guitar player while sipping on fresh coffee.  I felt as if I was in another world.  I could have come home, fixed supper and crash in front of the television but instead, my great husband took me out on the town to enjoy a relaxing dinner and fellowship.  Needless to say, I dozed on the way home and was in bed by 10:30.  I went to bed happy and with the thought, “I have a great husband”.

It has not always been easy over all the years and there have been times where he or I as wanted to leave, or kill each other but we stuck it out.  We are committed to one another, to see each other happy and fulfilled.  The more we give each other, the more we receive.  It is the principle of God and the promise of sowing and reaping that keeps us that way.  I know he can stand up proudly and hopefully say, “I have a great wife”.

Prayer:   Lord through the many years you have given us together, I thank you for all things.  I pray you bless my husband abundantly in all ways.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

New International Version (©1984) Genesis 2:22
Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

I would love to send you a “Prayer for Husband” prayer.  I had these especially made up for a Marriage lesson I taught a few months back.  If you would like for me to email you this, please leave me a comment  requesting it  Start praying this prayer over your husband and you too will see miraculous changes!


4 thoughts on “My Great Husband”

  1. I also have a great husband. He just handed me bacon and french toast for breakfast. He does cook and clean the kitchen, but he does not make the bed! lol

  2. Your husband sounds like a great guy and is fortunate to have a wife that would write such a nice thing about him.

  3. Please send me the “Prayer For Husband” We can always improve with one another. Thank u so much for your blogs. They inspire us so much. We love u both.

  4. melissa, that was very touching. would please email me the “prayer for husband” prayer. thanks so much. i am so blessed by your blogs.

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