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Flying, Floating and Earthquakes

My dreams have been crazy lately.  Earthquakes in neighboring counties, people being pregnant, shopping and school boys getting into trouble, cutting my foot and other random things.  My mind at times seems to explode with creative thoughts and I wake asking God for the interpretations.  I have always been a dreamer and many times God speaks to me through the dreams and even more so when I found out that God can reveal things to you through dreams.  I go to bed each night exhausted but asking God to show me something in my sleep and look forward to what He has for me.  I lay down as if to crawl up into the lap of Jesus and rest, while he whispers in my ear new revelations and thoughts of creativity.  I may not be normal but I get excited about sleeping.

My life has always been full of dreams and I remember some of the dreams I had when I was little, the times when God spoke in an audible voice, when I seen Him as a man who continued to morph into different people while talking to Jeff, floating in the spirit at church and when I was transported in the rapture.  You can call me loony if you want, but the greatest dream or vision I had, was the night I burst through the ceiling and flying toward a bright light as the rapture of the church took place.  My mind was focused on a bright light as I was moving quickly through the trees and clouds.  I felt the breeze of the wind on my face, my feet were kicking like I was swimming and there were millions of people on my left, on my right as if we were in a line but I continued to look up.  Many voices shouting “Hallelujah!”  I was not thinking about Jeff, the boys or anyone else but I kept saying, “This is it, I finally get to see Him, be with Him with all these people!”  Within an instant, it was like I was sucked back to earth with a force and dropped into my bed.  I immediately woke up as if I bounced on the bed and was shaking all over and speaking in the heavenly language of tongues.  I was crying and immediately rolled out of bed on my knees to pray, feeling disappointed that it didn’t happen.

The nightmares came when I was a child and I remember yelling at times for my mother to come into the room for the rescue.  As I got older, I realized most nightmares come from tormenting spirits creating fear in your life.  As I became a Christian, the nightmare came again but in the form of spiritual attacks while I was sleeping.  One particular night, it was as though I was paralyzed with fear as I heard the back door slam shut as if someone came in.  I heard many tiny footsteps run down the hall into our room and surround our bed.  In this scenario, my hand was hanging off the bed exposed and a small demon like creature bit my finger causing pain.  I was trying to shake it loose but to no avail.  The other small creatures hopped up on the bed, snarling and growling causing me torment of fear.  I couldn’t seem to wake Jeff and my tongue was thickened where I could not talk, suffocating under my own breath.  As I finally spoke the name of Jesus, the creatures were immediately swept out of the room by the presence of God.  I opened my eyes and covered my head and prayed.  It took me a long time to get over that one, but as I continued getting stronger in my Christian walk, the enemy gave up trying to cause me fear cause I learned how to fight.

Jeff continues to sleep throughout the night with no dreams or nightmares and when he does dream it truly has significance.  Our boys had nightmares many times too, especially Lyle.  The enemy wants to create fear in our lives when he sees the potential of the damage we can do to his world in the spiritual and natural.

I love hearing about dreams, if you have had a dream there are a few of us who like to interpret so feel free to leave a comment stating your dream or share a dream with us.

Prayer:  Lord, I thank you for the dreams you give me.  Thank you for your spirit to lead and guide me throughout my adventures in my rest.  In Jesus Name amen.

New International Version (©1984)
“‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.


7 thoughts on “Flying, Floating and Earthquakes”

  1. I can only say many times I have been awaken to feeling like i was being choked. I have also dreamed that I had a demon in me and the feeling would leave when I could speak the name Of Jesus. I am a spirit filled christian but have delt with this anxiety since i was 16 and now am 38. I am sick and tired of this. I have had a bunch of heart test run and the found a leaky valve and my legs bother me at night and the devil has tried to convince me it is my heart . But I know the doctor said my heart test results were like winning the lottery. Please feel free to come to my house or call or whatever the lord will have you to do.

  2. Wow! I am not alone Praise God! For as long as I can remember I have always had very vivid dreams. I can remember many times as a child being faced with having to cast out demons or demons manifesting around me in my dreams. For years I would be terrified to go to sleep! When I was about 10 or 11 I had a dream where all the Christians were in lines in the dessert and were surrounded by men that appeared to be military. The men were carrying machine guns and were making sure we stayed in line and people were crying all around me. As far as you could see there were people on every side. As I looked towards the front of the line there was a man standing on the side of a guillotine and as Christians approached him he asked them would they deny God and follow him. If they said yes they would be free to live their lives as normal and live but if they said no they would not deny God they would be decapitated. When I got to the front of the line I was decapitated and my spirit left my body and began to minister to the people in the line and to my friends and family about decision that awaited them. This dream has stuck with me my entire life. I have come up with a couple of things this could mean but if anyone has any insight please feel free to comment. Thanks

  3. When I was about 17, a KISS band member’s face appeared in my dream, with this horrible raspy, demonic voice, telling me that I was going to marry someone that would hit, abuse, cheat, and hate me. The face and voice was so scary that I went and got in bed with my dad (yes, I was 17, but always will be a daddy’s girl). As dad put his arm around me, the face came back and said “even your dad cannot protect you from this man” It may not sound scary, but at the time, I was shaking. That dream couldn’t have been any further from the truth (nor did I believe it would). I married a wonderful, loving, funny and passionate man who is a wonderful father. That is one dream I think I will always remember. To this day when I have bad dreams, I scoot over as close as I can get to him and cover my head (haha) because I know he will protect me because he loves me 🙂

  4. Anita,
    Choking is a sign of spiritual attack. You must clean your house sister of any demonic activity of the drawing of the spirit. Spirits are territorial and if they have been invited in, they will linger or come back after driven away. Make sure no one in the household is practicing or inviting them in with lifestyle habits or rituals. I swept my house clean with getting rid of movies, toys, games and drugs, alcohol, music that seemed to draw them in. I then prayed every time I would feel their presence out loud and screamed at them. At times, the neighbors thought I was crazy but I got tired of it too! I now rest in peace. So, my advice is to clean, stand on the word and shout the word at the enemy. He only tortures people who lets him control with fear. I will pray for you and your family.

  5. Corltand,
    You had a spiritual attack too. Many times what we dream in the spiritual also refers to what is going on us to the physical. At the time you could have been having disagreements with someone or felt as if you were alone in a neverending battle with no hope. The enemy wanted to cause such fear in you and war against your soul. The dream means at times you felt as if you were up against a strong enemy and was overpowered in line going through a routine so to speak, as if Christians waiting for the slaughter. However this is also an encouraging dream. God’s promises are true and He has called you to encourage others to stay strong in the midst of their ‘routine’ of being a Christian because you stayed true to the very end. The enemy doesn’t want you to be a Chrisitian, so by causing you fear in being one was his tatic. By staying true you rose up with power to defeat death. If anything, if the enemy ever tried to cause fear in you to prevent your work for the Kingdom, then you my friend can stand and say,”I have overcome death, and with the Spirit of God living in me, death cannot hold me down. People may try to kill your body or “hurt” you but you will prevail in the end!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. Those who have been called and chosen to work for the Kingdom with deeper spiritual insights to be used in the last days has much war within the night at times. I have also heard this voice and it is not pleasant! The enemy does everything to cause us fear in our lives so we will remain silent or cowardly controlled. Knowing our heavenly ‘Father’ who takes care of us when we feel isolated or afraid is also what I cling to. For when I snuggle with Him, He blows the enemy away with a blink of an eye!

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