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What’s It Called

I loved the Little Mermaid movie.  I loved it when she made up names of the items she found at the bottom of the sea.  “Thing of a majig”. Sometimes I am a lost for words and just make up a name or call it another name for the item I am talking about.  Yesterday on the way to church somehow we got to talking about the machine that makes people’s heart re-start once it has stopped.  I couldn’t remember the name of the machine but thought the things you use to touch the chest was called ‘chargers’.  Of course Lyle said, ” No mom, they are called Panels.”  Then Jeff says, “No they are called paddles.”  We all laughed at each other as we considered our own synopsis of the correct medical terms.  Jeff also said they poured KY jelly all over the paddles and then stuck them to the chest while saying clear.  I thought they said charge.  Lyle said they rip off your shirt first.  I guess we have watched too many of the medical movies on TV however we also believe we shouldn’t be around anyone having a heart attack cause we would all give our own diagnosis.  When we got to church, we posed the question to several people to see what they would say.  Charlie who is married to a nurse, said ,”1,2,3 charge” and I gave him a high five on that one cause he agreed with me.  As we ate dinner after church with an ER nurse, Shannon, she filled us in on all the correct terms and laughed at our story.  My husband sat smiling and gloating over being correct.  Again, I had to say, “You are right honey”.

Many times we get in our own head certain terms or beliefs we believe are true.  Although we may feel very strong about what we believe they still have to agree with the correct fact.  Just as our story, we all had the same outcome and we all used the same exact machine in our story, however there were correct terms for each item.  Many times in our beliefs about the Bible is the same way.  We are brought up in tradition or told by someone else without truly looking into the Bible to see the clear facts.  It makes us defensive when we are told to look at it in another way or we don’t like getting told we have been wrong.  Some get upset when they find out what they have believed for years was only part of what the Bible teaches, and that there is so much more nuggets in His Word on what believers can have.  We have the practice to say, “You were not taught wrong, we are only adding to what you already know.”  We teach new believers to not rely on your feelings or what you believe.  Feelings change and bounce up and down so we must not determine our destiny on how we are feeling at the given time.  We can’t always necessary rely on our beliefs because it may not be actual fact or doctrine.  I use the term, when we were small we believed in the tooth fairy.  At such a young age, you couldn’t persuade us there wasn’t a tooth fairy because we believed in it to be true because someone we loved told us about it.  However, when we got older, we found out the tooth fairy was just a tale.

We can however go to the Bible to renew our mind in actual terms of the questions we may seek, the knowledge we want to learn and for the correct way to live.  It is not how I feel, or what I believe to be true determines my salvation but what does the Word of God say.  We must learn to seek the Word and challenge ourselves to learn something new even when it counteracts our belief system, cause the chargers might just be called, Paddles.

Prayer:  Lord, grant us wisdom when it comes to knowing your Word and bring opportunities my way to seek more of your Word, know your Word and obey it.  Open up my mind to receive it.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

I John 2:5  New International Version (©1984)
But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him:


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  1. Hey love the new Blog look however just a little tiny complaint its too small i have to get right up on the screen to READ it!! But your awesome enough and what God does threw you is very worth getting closer to the screen to read…lol Love ya Sis

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