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Tornado Watch

I love storms.  I like to smell the rain, hear the thunder and listen to the wind blow.  When I was young my mother loved the storm and she would allow us to sit at the door and watch.  We were never scared of storms and we lived in a basement so I always felt safe.  When there was a tornado watch all the neighbors and cousins would come to seek shelter so we thought of storms as fun and having company.  I taught my boys to never fear the storms and we sit on the porch, sometimes take pictures and talk about how the clouds look cool.  I guess you can call us storm watchers or chasers.

Storms in our life put on a different meaning when we fear.  As I get older, I tend to look at the storms of life in an entire new way without fear and trusting wholeheartedly in God in what He is up to.  It doesn’t mean I don’t get mad, hurt or feel sad, it just means I know everything will be alright once the storm blows over.  Storms come in forms of marriage disagreements, financial problems, children rebelling, church problems, sickness and also death.  However when you have and know the master of it all and know that it is for a reason you can have assurance that you will make it through till the sun shines again.  I am happy that my mother also taught me faith to believe in a better life not only here on earth but for the eternal.

As for now, I am sitting at my table, watching the lightning and listening to the thunder.  My husband turns on the television to watch the weather update.  We take caution and we face the storm head on, knowing our Savior has it all under control.

Prayer:  Lord I know you protect us where ever we are and where we go.  I thank you Jesus that you are always with us even through all the storms we face here in the natural and in life.

Proverbs 10:25 Proverbs 10:25 When the whirlwind passes, the wicked is no more, But the righteous has an everlasting foundation.


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