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Big Belly Blues

I have done it too.  I have walked up to an old friend and ask, “When is your baby due?”  and she wasn’t expecting.  OK, foot in mouth and face is red.  It is a horrible feeling to try to figure out how to get out of a mess of accusing someone being overweight but looking pregnant.  It only took one time, and I never did it again.  You hear of horror stories in how you made someone feel like it was the worst day of their life or a hit to their self-image, but life happens.  Either it is right after a baby is born, or it is mid-life crisis when the big belly bulge starts.

Last night, a friend of mine was talking about his weight gain, stomach protruding like most thirty year old men but only just a tad.  It is just a small round bump under his shirt.  His three-year old daughter was laying on his stomach the other night, rubbing it and gazed up into his eyes and said, “Daddy, I will be glad when the baby gets here.”  She wasn’t  joking.  His wife blames it on over eating and the pasta.

Fashion has helped everyone this past two years with the Baby Doll tops and free-flowing room in the front, but to me they look like maternity tops.  I love them on really skinny people and I think they are comfortable however I think they look like your expecting.  After having four children and wearing maternity shirts all throughout my twenties, I tend to stray from looking too pregnant in fear of someone walking up to me.

It seems in our teens we were so self conscience of what others think about us, we were skinny and proud of it.  When children came along, we got in the mommy mode and seem to let ourselves go for a while.  When we hit our thirties, we think about our health, know we need to exercise and maybe lose a few extra pounds.  In the forties, our metabolism really takes a hit and we just have to make ourselves disciplined.  Men however are really strange.  They start out really thin with the flat board stomach.  Some gain weight when the get married or when their wife gets pregnant and the race is on.  Bryson is always telling me how he never gains weight and his stomach will always be flat.  I laugh and say, “Just wait”.  After watching those commercials about how waste collects in your colon it made me think about all the men who are in their forties walking around with the ‘big belly’ and wonder just how much waste is in there.  They say we can pack around 5-10lbs of poo.  What a baby!  OK, now that makes me want to take those pills for a nice colon cleanse.  Smile, it’s life.

I often think the easy way out would be either to fast or get liposuction.  I don’t know which would be harder, faster to lose weight but I do know which one would be the most affordable.  Big belly blues comes from not taking care of your body.  It takes discipline in food choices and activity in lifestyle and I might add I am preaching to myself.  Big belly blues will always be around because people will be people.  We get lazy, we want to eat what we want and we find excuses.  It is when we face a health crisis is when we try to change and do something about it, however at that time it may be too late.

I would love for people to comment on this blog and tell your big belly blues story.  I am feeling comical today, so go ahead and make my day, make me laugh….. I need a good belly laugh to take away the bulge!

Prayer:  Lord, my belly hurts today, please let me experience miracle weight loss or give me the energy to exercise.  Thank You Jesus!  Amen.

Proverbs 18:20  New International Version (©1984)
From the fruit of his mouth a man’s belly is filled; with the harvest from his lips he is satisfied.

John 7:38  King James Bible
He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

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