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Mommy Pictures

I love taking pictures but I also love seeing the mother and father when they try to choose their baby’s pictures.  I have seen many a mommies cry when they look at proofs.  (This doesn’t exclude the moms who are looking at their child’s senior pictures, prom or wedding.)   Taking pictures freeze time only for a second and if there is a way to capture the expression that brings us so much joy it is all worth while.  Yesterday, I took a four-month old, she was adorable and it was even hard for me to pick out which ones to keep and which ones to delete.  As parents, we love our children and we love just to look at their faces, treasuring every moment we spend with them.  When I take pictures, I try to remember the things I should have taken of with my own children.  As a parent, we want to remember the sweetness, the pride and joy our children bring us.  We take honor in our creation of our own flesh and blood, a part of us and form of ownership.   We express unconditional love and we bury the pain and heartaches our children put us through in the years we spend with raising them and beyond.  Blood is always thicker than water so to speak, so nothing will stand between our love we have for them.  In sense, most parents would die in place of their own child.

This was not the case many years ago when it came to idol worship.  Parents sacrificed their children for stone gods as they would roll them into the mouth of a fire pit.  Sometimes with fire burning inside so that what was placed in his arms was consumed.  During this time a priest would take a baby from its mother to be offered to the Molech god. History tells us when the parents resisted, refused or protested, a loud noise was made on drums to hide the screams. While the drums sounded, bands played, and priests chanted, human sacrifices were devoured in the flames.  As sad and horrible as it may seem, thank God we don’t see or know of this type of worship today.  We cannot even imagine sacrificing our own children for a stone in which was believed to be a deity, with no result of the sacrifice. It is even more hard for some to fatham how God gave His Son to die so that we would find life, an end result.

I often wondered how Mary, the mother of Jesus felt.   Mary saw the sparkle in her son’s eyes, the smile on his face, she trembled as she traced his tiny little fingers in her hands, pinched his cheeks, tickled his toes and pulled him into her bosom.  She laughed as she pitched him up and twirled him around, kissed his neck, his cheek and even made silly noises on his belly.  How many times did he spit up on her, needed changing, have a belly ache or fussy from cutting teeth.  How did she feel about being a  mommy and realizing she was responsible for bringing up not only a little baby but the Savior of the world.  She had to give Him up so we might know Him. As she lived I believe she held those mommy pictures in her heart even though she had no camera.  She treasured each moment she had with her child,  held the memories in her mind and treasured them dearly, yet she was willing to make a difference in eternity by raising her son to love others, to give to others. I believe that is every parents desire.  We want our children to grow up and make a difference in this world and also in the eternal.  We start by loving them, teaching them and as we set an example we also lead them.  Treasure those mommy pictures because your child will one day grow up and be just like you.

Prayer:  Lord, I cannot even imagine the love you have for us, so unconditional, so powerful!  You have watched all of us grow, even from the time we were created in our mother’s womb, how you know every part of our very being, thoughts and actions.  I know Lord at times we have made you smile, you have lifted us up when we have fell down, you have been our daddy. You have those mommy pictures of each one of us, how you treasure each one of your children, we all are yours.  I pray we make you proud and make a diffence in the lives of others as you did for us.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

I John 5:11 International Standard Version (©2008)
This is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is found in his Son.

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