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Behind Closed Doors

It is spring time and there is nothing like opening your door, feeling the breeze and hearing the songbirds chirp.  I love opening my back door and pulling the screen door shut for it reminds me when I was a little girl running in and out of the house during the summer.  Mom would always fuss about the bang of the screen door or about us wanting to go barefoot as soon as the temperature got at least sixty degrees.  Our home was a happy home for the most part.  I know my mother and father had their relationship issues but I never knew about most of them for they rarely fought in front of us children.  As I got older, I remember the certain looks my mother gave me to tell me to shut my mouth and be quiet.  It was usually the time when my father would be drinking or lose his temper over something small.  My father and I didn’t get along during those teen years just like most teenagers trying to find their identity or rebel against authority.  Thank God we grow up and realize how our parents were trying to do the best they knew how when it came to parenting for the most part.

Have you ever drove down a street and wonder what is happening behind those closed doors?  I have seen it happen time and time again.  You look at a family and think how perfect they all seem.  Cute couple, cute kids and very expressive in their love for one another, then the curtain is lifted.  People can look like a typical family, Christian in manner so it seems yet behind closed doors is another story.  This is the so-called average American family.  I remember growing up and having friends whose mother and father looked as though they brought out the best in one another, then when a divorce came everyone was shocked.  You see, they portrayed an image to everyone else to the outside world but inside their home was a mad house.  Behind closed doors is a reality show in which no one wants to be real or exposed and sometimes referred to as “hell on earth”.

I often tell people when they come and visit us, we have no hidden agendas in this house, and yes it is transparent.  No one is perfect and we all have our own issues, battles and faults.  However we live in a time where we must just get gut honest with ourselves in who we really are.  Not a robot, not a perfect human being and not always in the best of behavior.  Life can be a battle and it can get really messed up at times.  It seems when people go through things they believe they are the only one going through difficulties when in fact, this repetitious cycle is going on all around the world.  Sad, but true.

This is not a gloom and doom message but an encouraging one.  Why?  Because there is an answer to hell reality.  It is called, selling out %100 to Jesus to be more like him.  It may not be easy at times but it is better than living in the midst of chaos.  How does one sell out completely?  First we must live a conducive lifestyle of how the Bible teaches us to live and it starts with having love for others instead of being selfish.  It is putting others first, giving time, money and serving to others.  If you are unwilling to come out from behind closed doors with your own opinion of how you think things should be then the chaos remains.

If we all are willing to get honest with ourselves and seek after the one who can give us peace then we truly find the answers to all issues behind closed doors.  Life can be challenging as we encounter painful trials and inevitable disappointments.  But with our faith firmly rooted in Jesus and our identity grounded in the special purpose for which he created us, we can experience a level of joy and peace that the world can never give us.  We must move beyond a poverty mindset, a selfish agenda and discover the soul satisfaction that can only come from living out of our true identities as image bearers of God.  I am glad I opened my door long ago because I don’t want to stay behind closed doors. Put your screen door in and allow others to see who you really are and it will make a difference in all those you are truly trying to touch, including yourself.

Prayer:  Lord I pray we all will be willing to open our door to our heart and allow you to come in and rule our mind, soul and body.  Break down the barricades we put up and expose our true self so that we can change with your direction for your purpose.  You are the way, the truth and life.  Let me walk through that door so my life will be an example for others to follow.  In Jesus name.  Amen

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
“I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved….


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