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Luggage and Rest

Over the last few days I have really slept the most relaxing sleep ever, with the help of Benadryl.  I am unsure if it is allergies or a cold or a cough that won’t go away this medicine has seemed to help.  I usually get at least six hours of sleep and trying to get back on schedule with USA instead of India time has been difficult this go around.  I have a solution now to knock out for at least 9 hours and that is one of those little pink pills.  I do feel very rested but I had such bizarre dreams and visions while sleeping.  In as much so, I was trying to write them down while sleeping.  I dreamed of a few friends and I traveling to Hawaii on a plane but we were all traveling in the luggage area.  Go figure, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to interpret.  The airplane is a ministry, ladies ministry that is and being in the luggage area regardless if it was ours or not, we were traveling with someone elses baggage.

I believe as woman we tend to try to be super woman.  We seem to work non stop and work never ends.  Even if you do have a daily nine to five job outside the home, men can come home and sit in the recliner, watch tv or pittle with outside chores.  However when the woman comes home, she still has to continue to work, cook, clean, wash clothes and take care of the children.  I have always said, “A woman’s work never gets easier, never done and never-ending.”  There are all kinds of things to do around the house and we seem to ignore them until we find time.  Men on the other hand, seem to want to point out what needs to be done by his woman.  Ok, I will get off my soapbox and get to the point.  It goes back to the luggage again.

Why as women do we want to pull around luggage or excess baggage?  Why do we want to carry other people’s luggage?   What is in the luggage?  Resentfulness, unforgiveness, grudges, vengeance, overload anxiety or stress and these are the bad things.  The good things are the rewards of being a mom, wife, daughter, minister, doctor, teacher, nurse, taxi driver, coach, cleaning lady, babysitter, etc.  We can take pride and have fulfillment in the good things but trying to please everyone to look good, feel good or be good can lead us to overload.  Trying to carry a heavy backpack can add more stress to life. Although the good things are great accomplishment they can also lead to judging others for not doing as well as you do or resentful to others who don’t carry the load you do.  Do you know what I mean?  How do we rid ourselves from the negative side this?  It starts with thankfulness.

Today, I am feeling well rested and I am glad I have taken the time to sort through my luggage and take out the negative and the heavy positive side.  I have found that I can let things go, have more patience and not to fret over small things such as spilt milk.  I know where my help comes from and it is not from my own ability but through knowing the Almighty.  He has given me a role to fill that not every woman can fill and I take honor that Jesus chose me.  You yourself have been chosen to do what you do, so feel special today!  His promise is that he will not put on us more than we cannot bear!  He alone cleans out my luggage and gives me a lighter load.  I also want to leave luggage in a room where no one will have to pull it around.  With keeping this in mind, I am ready for the vacation in Hawaii!  Can you say “Thank you Jesus!” ?

Prayer:  Lord I am so thankful for the dreams and vision you give me.  I am thankful you always give us an escape route from feeling overwhelmed, overworked and overloaded.  You have taken my load and made it lighter each day as I become closer to you.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Matthew 11:28  New International Version (©1984)
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.


1 thought on “Luggage and Rest”

  1. Phenomenal! Your Blog this morning..hit me where it hurts…in a good way, in fact it made me cry into repentance. I carry a lot of luggage for myself and others because that is my desire to want to help as much as possible sometimes however i get a little overloaded… when i get the overload my family takes the fall.. I know what i need to do when that happens cry out to him for strength and be thankful both i try to do… but then there’s that time word again.. NO EXCUSES!! Jesus I’m yours continue to use me as vessel. My desire is your desires…I know he will not give me more than i can handle.. I just have to make time for HIM>> and HIM alone.. D’nt know if this makes sense to you.. but it makes complete sense to me… Thank you for sharing.. Love ya

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