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Just Because

We all have said it as a parent, “Because I said so!” when our child asked the “why” question.  ‘Just because I said so’ is an answer where we don’t feel like trying to explain ourselves but just do what is told without asking questions.  Although child development experts tell us to explain instead of using the handy words, it doesn’t make it easier when we are pushed to our limit.  I remember at the point of breaking my cool when the boys were small, many times I didn’t feel like explaining.  I would also give them that glare in my eyes and they would know then I was serious and not ask any more questions.  I can laugh now and think I shouldn’t have been so hard on them.

As Christians however we do the same thing to God.  He tells us, “Just because I said so.”   Yet we still question why or how.  If we really know what the Bible says and we really know who we are we will jump to the opportunity to be blessed in the way of obedience.  Rewards are far much more exciting than the chastisement.  When faced with a situation in which you are unsure please remember this.

Just because you are a child of God….

  • You posses gifts to share with others
  • You have authority over wickedness
  • You speak the language of heaven
  • You can create your world with power of words
  • You can be more than a conquer
  • You are a blessing to others
  • You are royal priesthood
  • You have a sound mind
  • You are blessed beyond compare
  • You know love
  • You do not fear
  • You have a destiny

So the next time you question God, just remember you are a product of “Just because” even when God says so.

Prayer:  Lord I thank you for all that you do and have given me.  Help me to understand who I am and what I am capable of doing because I am a daughter of yours.  Help us all to be obedient to your voice and to your Words to help us grow to be more like you.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

Proverbs 3:5 New International Version (©1984)
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.


1 thought on “Just Because”

  1. I truly love and enjoy reading all thoughts and words of wisdom that you share with us women!It makes my spirit soar and feel so much more hungry for his word, His love, His presence and His righteousness! 🙂
    God continually bless the ministry He has for your life on this earth,
    Candice Porter

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