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Destiny Determination and Potential

Potential is not what I have done, it is what I have not done but I still can do.  Potential is not what I have, it is what I do not have but still can.  Potential is not who I am, it is who I am not but can still be. It is possible, as opposed to actual. Within every one of us lies great potential, great possibilities  because we are a promise from the seed of Abraham in the family of Jesus.

Jesus said that we would do greater things than he, so talk about potential!  So what is holding us back from reaching our potential?  We need to think more positive about our potential instead of fear what lies ahead or of the unknown and cast away the “what ifs”.

To try to explain about potential, think about everyone having four boxes – two on top and two below. The first in the upper left was our potential. We all have lots. The second box in the upper right has the actions we take – usually weak because of fears of failure and making fools of ourselves. On the bottom right is the results box. These are weak because of the lack of strong actions. This box points to the bottom left box which holds our beliefs. Of course, the weak results just enforce the belief that we can’t succeed, leading back up to our potential. Now, we question our potential. And the vicious cycle has begun even though we all have the potential we need.  We must realize and believe that it takes guts to succeed. Plus, we must have the certainty that we can and will do what it takes. We do have the requisite potential.

How do we take the box of potential and put into action what we need to make it happen?  What shapes us to go beyond ourselves?  Achievement?  Fulfillment?  Appreciation and contribution can shape us.  It starts with mindset.  It is a decision put into an action.  What is the real reason why people don’t accomplish or reach their potential?  There are many excuses such as, didn’t have knowledge, time, background, money, resources however these are not the defining factor.  Human emotion is very profound that can block or promote potential.  If we can get through the emotion we can find a way to reach our goals and live out the destiny created for us.

There are three decisions we can make to determine our destiny.  We make these every moment of our lives, everyday.  Three questions you need to ask yourself.

1.  What am I going to focus on?  Feelings, Past/Present/Future, self or others.

2.  What does it mean?  Beginning or End, am I being punished or rewarded.

3.  What are you going to do?  Move forward or give up.

We must learn to grow and to give.  Many people who face death decide to live or to die.  If we focus on Upward, Inward to Outward to form a cross, the image of what Jesus did for us we can change our mindset.  When we only focus on ourselves and our emotions then we are unwilling to grow spiritually.  When we continue to be emotionally and spiritually immature therefore we cannot reach our potential.   Once we know how to and also give to others to make a difference, we then will start seeing our potential become reality.

Prayer:  Lord, help us all to see our potential in the things you have shaped for our destiny.  It takes a made up mind to pursue your will and your word to live by.  I am thankful it is with you leading and guiding us all to fulfill and see our potential come to pass.  In Jesus name.  amen.

New International Version (©1984)
John 14:12  I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.


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