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Days of Strength

I just wanted to let all my faithful readers know that today will be the last day I write my blog for at least another week.  Days of strength lie ahead over the next week and I covet your prayers.  I will be going to India to take 505 children suitcases full of goodies.  I cannot wait to see their tiny faces, their large brown eyes and hear their squeals of happiness.  I will be greeted at the airport by a few of the children and I will kiss, hug and cry as my heart gives them a big grandmamma hug.  I am excited can’t you tell!

I will pray for the widows and hope to touch their lives in some way with the love of Jesus.  I expect signs, wonders and miracles to take place as I stand upon the Word and God’s Spirit working through me.  I cannot wait to tell you all the things God is going to do!

Until my next blog, keep praying for us, our children and Mercy29.  Love to all!

Prayer:  Lord I thank you for your faithfulness and Your Spirit, Your Word and how it reigns in my life, in my heart and soul.  I am glad you never leave us and you always give us days of strength!  In Jesus Name.  Amen.


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