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Ten Red Flags

I teach a Marriage Enrichment Class and here is what I call Red Flags that are Marriage Busters or Intimacy Barriers.  Hope you don’t practice these are you could be going down the wrong road headed for disaster.

1.  One spouse care more about keeping the kids happy than keeping spouse happy.

2.  One spouse enjoys being with someone else such as friends all the time, or with a hobby or work.

3.  One spouse is not willing to work on improving the marriage.

4.  One spouse is not interested in learning or performing the other’s needs, emotionally or physically.

5.  One spouse is not interested in spiritual growth.

6.  One spouse runs to parents or others to complain and blame instead of accepting responsibility to change.

7.  One spouse is addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling or pornography.

8.  One spouse is not willing to share in chores and work around the house.

9.  One spouse blames the other for his or her own irresponsible behavior, “You make me angry!”

10.  One spouse tries to manipulate the other with guilt or threats.

We all have experienced these at some time or another in our marriage and it does cause resentment and heartache.  Them important thing with all relationships and allowing your emotions to come forth and tell your spouse how you may be feeling when these occur.  It is very unhealthy and unwise to hold them in, bottle them up to the point of explosion and later deal with bitterness, resentment and unwilling to forgive.  If one of these hit home with you, take time to sit down with your spouse and tell them how you feel.  Then work out a plan to make the situation improve on that particular area.  It takes time to change for both parties and hold habits are hard to break but with prayer and help from the one who created “LOVE and MARRIAGE” you can make it work!

Prayer:  Lord, I pray for all the marriage who may suffer and find it difficult to experience true intimacy.  Help each and every one know and how to create a plan to get closer to you and to each other.  In Jesus Name. Amen.

Philippians 4:13  New International Version (©1984)
I can do everything through him who gives me strength.


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