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Results of the Image

If everyone was quite happy to play along in my survey these last two day, maybe you will be happy with the results.  Don’t take these to heart, it is all fun and games however the interpretation may shed some light on internal values you may hold about Jesus.  When I said, “Jesus” the image that flashed in your mind can come across quite uniquely with each individual.  You can view these pictures below to find the results. We have all seen pictures of Jesus in our lifetime and many images that pop into our minds have a resulting impact on how we view him on a personal level.

Here are the results.

Several people saw Jesus as hanging on the cross or with a crown of thorns.  When you see this image first, your view of Jesus is that of redemption and God’s saving power.  You view Jesus as the saving Christ, dying for our sins and of the world.  You see the death of Jesus as an important factor when relating to Him on a personal level knowing God loved the world so much, He gave His Son to die for all to be saved.  You seek to save others.  You are very thankful for His death.  The negative view is having a feeling of guilt or a symbol of martyrdom.  If you identify with this image in a sense you are suffering because of a role you are fulfilling, although pain could give pleasure if it helps feel “different” or superior to others or inflated view of self.  The cross symbolizes unjust suffering, scapegoats, willful humiliation, therefore to get happiness by making yourself unhappy is self-contradictory and is far from what the cross truly represents and that is of agape love.

A few people saw Jesus with a flowing white robe and outstretched hands.  The white robe symbolizes purity and the outstretched hands symbolizes His availability.  You relate to Jesus knowing He always waits for you to run into His arms no matter what you may have done or what you have need of. Much like a Father/child.  You see Him as grace and ready to forgive and have the need to tell others about how He answers prayers and forgives.   You seek to be an encourager.  The negative side to that is you may see Him always available to run to Him, but because of limited personal time or selfishness, much like a child plays during the day only to run to daddy who provides when needing love, help, or healing.

Some saw Jesus, interacting with people, healing people on a personal level or seeing Jesus ministering in the image of a person.  Seeing Jesus in this form is knowing Jesus was God in the flesh therefore view focusing on relationships with other people most important.  If you see Jesus ministering to others, then you see this also in yourself, knowing He is “in” you.  You seek to minister to others.  Christ went seeking those who were oppressed, sick or in sin and got down on a personal level to minister to people who  you you see is very important to you. It is about serving others. The negative side is the battle that takes place with identity in the spiritual realm.  There are times when you get weary in well-doing and forget that Jesus is also God and can minister to you including strength for burnout.

To see the face of Jesus symbolizes the closeness you have on a personal level, as up close and personal.  He is always with you and beside you in everything you do in the fact you always know this.  You face the future knowing Jesus is right there with you through thick and thin.  You seek to know Jesus face to face. On the negative side, you may also deal with feelings of failure or not being able to live up to the standards of what you think you should be doing because Jesus is always in your face or invading your space.  One must realize His face is that of compassion and not a condemning or judging attitude.

To see Jesus sitting on the throne and in heaven symbolizes the God of heaven.  You see that God is the God with authority and has control over everything but also see him as a judge.  With this in mind you know that Jesus will ultimately judge everything you do which helps you make decisions or could make you feel guilty.  You seek to tell others to straighten up or face the consequences of sin.  The negative side of this is that of a condemning one and must be careful not to judge others.

If you saw the risen Jesus or on a cloud symbolizes the resurrection of new life.  It is knowing that Jesus can give one a new life through Him.  You seek to always improve yourself in areas that reflect change for the good.  The negative side is although you see Jesus in this form you may not know how to reach Him to take care of internal conflict, anxiety and discontent.

Prayer:  Lord, We all have different point of views and images of you in all of our lives and I pray that we will always reflect you in all areas of our life.  Thank you for all that you do, have done and will do but most of all thank you for being with us and in us.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.

Matthew 1:23 New International Version (©1984)
“The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel”–which means, “God with us.”


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