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Image in Your Head

There are no pictures on my blog today because this is a test.  Here is an experiment to try.  Close your eyes and let your mind relax.  Take a few deep breaths and relax.  I want you to think of an image when I say a word.  What do you see when I say the word, “apple”?  What is the first image of apple that pops in your mind.  Do you see an apple?

You should see an apple but everyone will have an apple image that is different.  Did you see a green apple, lots of apples, red apple, or a rotten apple.  Jeff saw a red apple with a stem sticking out of it.  I saw a Granny Smith apple. What about “Tree”.  What image do you see?  I see a lot of trees in a wooded area like I used to play in when I was growing up and not just one particular tree.  The point is everyone has their own opinion about things and everyone has their own point of view and we all may have different images floating in our mind.  There is no right or wrong answer, it just means we are all unique beings with different views.  Once we start thinking about it, we can view images in our mind of different apples or trees but I want to focus on the very first image that pops in your mind.

Now when you hear the word of “Jesus” what is the first image that pops into your head?  Think about it before reading on.  I would love to know what your image in your head was like, so please leave me a comment and let me know for this experiment and for reader enjoyment.  Don’t read on until you capture the very first image of the word Jesus.

Is your image a man, a baby, a person on a cross or do yo see him floating on a cloud as an angel, sitting on the throne, walking in heaven or sitting next to you?  How do you see Jesus?  Many people view Jesus has a thirty year old man who wore a robe and went around healing or teaching. Some just see his face. Some still view him as a little baby in a manger and may only think of him at Christmas time.  Some only see him on a cross and who died to save the world.  Or they may see the empty tomb, or coming again in the clouds. Some see him in heaven walking on the streets of gold. Do you see him as a daddy ready to crawl up in his lap. We can see Jesus in many different portraits, pictures, jewelry and paintings when it comes to what we think he looks like or who he is.  But the real question is how do you see him?  Throughout times in our life, we can see Jesus in many facets of our life and make him what we want in the time of need.  However, the image of the first is how you really view him and relate to him.

Do you see him in all these areas?  Do you only call on him when you need him to solve a problem for you?  Do you burn with love  and talk to him daily?  Do you read and know his word?  Do you talk to him?  Do you see him when you close your eyes?

Tomorrow I will let you know what each image means, so please leave me a comment below in what you first saw when I said, apple, tree and Jesus.  Remember, first image.

Prayer:  Lord we all are created in your image and we are all creative in our minds.  I thank you for your love and your dreams you give us.  I thank you for your life, your light in this world, yours saving grace and power.  Teach us your love and who you really are.  In Jesus Name. Amen.

I John 4:7 New International Version (©1984)
Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.


5 thoughts on “Image in Your Head”

  1. For the apple I saw a single red apple, for the tree i saw a big bushey tree very green! A for Jesus I saw an image of just his face.

  2. I picture him at his prime: 30year old, walking around teaching, healing, caring. But I don’t see the sickly looking Jesus pictured in movies. I see him strong and healthy. He was a carpenter!! (I never have understood why they made Jesus look so sickly)

  3. Apple: Shiny red single apple
    Tree: Towering Oak tree
    Jesus: He is looking at me, with his arms outstreched, and He is smiling:)

  4. Apple: A large red shinny apple with a stem
    Tree: Palm Trees large and full of fruit
    Jesus: He was standing in front of me dress in the most beautiful white robes..holding his hands out towards me with a smile on his face.

  5. I saw the MAC apple (like on the back of my iPod) what on Earth does that say about me…it can’t possibly be good? I also saw a single, bushy and green tree in a field. For Christ, I saw his adult face wearing the crown of thorns but it’s during this time of lent that I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on his sacrifices and what that means. Perhaps I would see a different image at another time of year.

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