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I Feel Like Crying

Do you ever feel like you should just cry?  Call it sadness, depression, happiness, exhaustion or PMS, many people experience the need to just have a good cry.  We sometimes hold it in and try to control our emotions when in fact we should just let it out.  God has made us very unique creatures with emotions to express.  I can cry very easy.  I cry when I see a sad movie, I cry over an emotional story or poem, I cry when I see babies being born, I cry at church when I am experiencing the hand of God move upon me, I cry at weddings, at funerals and when someone hurts my feelings.  I also cry when I am mad or when I hear music that touches my soul.  Believe it or not just take a look at my face during a ball game when someone sings the National Anthem.  It is not the beauty or sound of the music that brings tears, it is the words in which I reflect its meaning.  I cry when I see others cry, or when they hurt.  I cry when I see my children in India suffer or other children around the world suffering. I cry for the unborn, the lost, the sick, and the sadness life can inflict upon all of us.

So why should you cry?

It is a temporary release from internal and external conditions–a way to embrace the pain of change in doses that can be managed. More specifically, it is nature’s antidote for pain.  First and foremost, crying is coping so give yourself permission to cry.  It is a way that I cope with things going on in my life.  Shedding tears is coping because it is a method of facing the pain of loss. Facing pain, not running from it, is what eventually leads to healing through acceptance of what cannot be changed. Avoiding pain prolongs grief and suffering as it heightens tension and anxiety. Biochemist William Frey, who has studied tears and their function more than any other scientist, found that emotional tears actually remove toxins from the body. On the other hand, tears of joy or happiness have far fewer toxic biological byproducts. It is not at all a stretch to say that crying can keep you healthy. Stress on the body is lowered when you have a good cry. Thoughts and emotions are filtered through the cells and cause significant physiological alterations. Anger, guilt, or depressions–common responses when mourning–initiate alarm reactions in the body, and crying reduces the physical effects on the cardiovascular system.  Tears communicate, lubricate, elicit sympathy, change mood, reduce tension, and help us cope with a multitude of losses throughout life.

Let a good cry happen. In fact, never miss an opportunity to shed tears and allow the stress, confusion, and frustrations to come pouring out. And notice how laughter and tears go hand in hand, sometimes in the same breath. Together, they are twin resources to be given high priority in all types of healing and adapting to life changes.  For now, I will get a box of kleenex, pop some pop corn and watch a tear jerker with my hubby.  I am due for a good cleaning out of toxins!

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for all your emotions you give me, I smile and cry for expression of you!

John 11:35 New International Version (©1984)
Jesus wept.


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